Money-saving genius or Friday afternoon frivolity?

A genuine cash-saving suggestion, a novel way to spend twenty minutes later this afternoon, or simply the most dreadful Christmas present you could ever bestow upon a loved one? We suspect the second option, although we wouldn't put it past some of you to try the third.

Based on the widely accepted facts that a) headphones are not speakers, and b) iPod headphones are as comfortable to wearing as a starched bra, artist Dmitry Zagga decided to do something useful with his pair. Behold the CupSpeakers:

Apparently they do work; they take the sound that emanates in all directions from the headphones and focuses it forward, just like real speakers. If you've time to kill and, like us, seemingly dozens of pairs of iPod headlines lurking around, then you'll find instructions on LifeHacker. Some fiddling with the EQ will be necessary; they're hardly going to sound like you're up front at a gig in Wembley stadium. On the plus side, unlike a gig in Wembley stadium, they'll be nobody throw a bottle of piss over your head.

If you try it, send some pics to us at [email protected] There's a pair of used, slightly gummy iPod headphones for the first submission we receive.


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