Money grows on the Apple tree, income rises by four fifths

Apple LogoRecent media coverage would have you believe that Apple are screwed. The reality is, of course, nothing of the sort. And it won't stop, either; the iPhone 4 press conference made the front page of The Sun - incontrovertible proof that however piss-poor you care to think Apple's products are, the mainstream is beginning to lap them up.

So there's that, and the fact they've got a metric fuckton of cash in the bank.

The quarterly earnings call that Apple has with members of the media revealed that everything is selling faster than Apple can pay a Chinese factory worker to make them. Apple posted a revenue of $15.7 billion for the previous quarter with a net quarterly profit of $3.25 billion. Some other specifics from the call include:

• A new all-time record for quarterly Mac sales
• Highest quarterly revenue ever, $15.7 billion, an increase of 61%
• Net income up 78% over a year ago
• 33% year over year growth for Macs
• iPod touch grew 48% year over year
• 1.7 million iPhone 4s sold in the five initial countries
• 3.27 million iPads in 10 countries

During the call, Steve Jobs also mentioned that Apple “have amazing new products still to come this year.” It's unlikely these will be new product lines, but what most people are expecting to see is the introduction of front and rear cameras and FaceTime to the iPod Touch. Regardless of whether you're an Apple hater or not, that would make the Touch a very decent piece of kit indeed.



  • Whois S.
    I think you'll find that they have a metric bukaketon of cash - that's a bigger and more in your face than a fuckton......
  • The B.
    Ah, proving once again that a fool and his money are soon parted.
  • Rolly
    I built an i7 hackintosh for £1000, the same spec mac in the Apple store costs £3000. So thats at least £2000 profit (not taking into account trade prices for parts). No wonder they're doing well, the mark up is massive.

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