Microsoft unveil their tablet PC, disappointment all round

The Consumer Electronics Show kicked off in Las Vegas yesterday, with Microsoft cheese Steve Ballmer delivering the opening keynote. Appearing a little more sedate than in previous stage appearances, Ballmer was sporting a fetching red jumper to compensate and was accompanied by a giant automaton version of himself:

Bitterwallet - Steve Ballmer at CES 2010

In fact it's the same jumper/shirt combo he wore at last year's CES keynote. Fashion sensibilities aside, the major talking point of an otherwise dreadful speech was the appearance of a joint venture with HP - a tablet PC. Now there's a surprise. Ballmer also showcased two other devices by Archos and Pegatron.

Reaction to the devices - which run Windows 7 - is best summed up with an apathetic shrug of the shoulders, because what you saw was seemingly all you got - a tablet running Windows - instead of the game-changing products we were teased with. Remember the concept design pushed by Microsoft last September? You might as well buy a pad of graph paper instead.

The rest of the keynote failed to do Ballmer any favours. If Microsoft fans like Jack Schofield thought it was duller than Doncaster, you know it wasn't great.


  • SHOCK A.
    A negative Microsoft article on an apple sackriding website. Colour me surprised!
  • ChildHater
    Your bias is too obvious. Get off Apple's dick - they pay you nothing.
  • Aaron
    What are you two talking about, its got nothing to do with Apple, just the fact the keynote was shit and bares no resemblance to what was shown in the original concepts
  • stu
    good points there by both of you. really showing that the opinions in the article have been made due to an Apple bias.. Especially because its so obvious how revolutionary the devices mentione actually are! They clearly arent just tablet devices running Windows 7... oh hold on a minute.
  • Daedalus
    But if this was Apple's tablet being unveiled, it'd be a revolutionary 'game changing' device wouldn't it? Bloody biased Bitterwallet strike again with their amazing non-facts...
  • Rolly
    If its anything like HP's laptops you can be assured it will come loaded with adware and trial versions of rubbish software which will slowing it down to a grinding halt. On the other hand Apple's offering probably wont come with all that rubbish - it should be able to achieve the same stuttering slow performance with its super Apple low spec! But oooh pretty!
  • Jerome
    "Remember the concept design pushed by Microsoft last September?" Yeah, it was two tablet PC's stuck together. Double the weight, no advantage whatsoever. By contrast, the slates demonstrated in the keynote looked pretty nice. Windows 7 on a nice slimline lightweight handheld tablet. What's not to like?
  • Nobby
    How do you know it is the same jumper? He might have a wardrobe full of jumpers all exactly the same. In fact, he can probably afford to through them away after wearing them, rather than having them washed.
  • Paul S.
    Lads. Come on, now. Sober up. This keynote was panned by everyone. Everyone. It was rushed, there was nothing much to say and the highlight was a tablet running desktop software. Utter bollocks. Play that concept video through for the Courier I've linked to above. Microsoft said this was in production. Look at the software Microsoft were promising to launch on their tablets. That's what people were expecting. Then look at what went on show yesterday. Windows 7. Rubbish.
  • Tim
    Wow..... What a suprise... companies trying to scramble to put out a tablet to compete with apple. problem is instead of waiting and trying to put out a good product they will put out crap just to try and get some market share. I have gone through 3 PC based laptops in a 3 years... they are such crap. Just bought my first mac and i'm never going back.
  • Registry o.
    A tablet PC? That's amazing. If it is well designed and catches user's attention, then it might be a success for Microsoft.
  • Goodbye B.
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  • myiphoneisbroken
    Face it - your just peeved Microsoft stole Apples thunder - theyve been planning a tablet for a while have they not??
  • Steves m.
    Why is this crap - looks pretty sweet to me. Steve Balmer maybe a fruit cake, but he is also considerably more wealth than you and I -probaly flies to work rather than spend hours in a fecking traffic jam - so who is the dick at the end of the day. I think this device is a game changer - beats checking the net on a 4.1" mobile phone screen ( work it out ) (while we are apple bashing) - walks all over the jesus phone - need an app for that - no I just look at the web page in my browser.
  • Microsoft B.
    [...] at the Consumer Electronics Show (CSE) in January, Steve Ballmer announced a joint venture with HP concerning their forthcoming tablet PC. Neither project has seen the light of [...]

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