Microsoft small print from Apple ads revealed

The public bitching by Apple is never ending. At a time when folk are concerned about spending a couple of hundred quid more on a computer just because it's white and shiny, perhaps they should be talking up their own products instead of running down Microsoft.

Or maybe not, because a) Apple has just reported net profits of $1.21 billion - exceeding all predictions, and b) they're still making some fun commercials. One of the latest Apple ads involves the Mac and PC characters, and the legal small print that PC must quote anytime he wants to make a simple statement about how easy they are to operate:

And lo, within hours of broadcast, a crack squad of UV-starved individuals strained their vision more then usual while staring at a computer screen, and transcribed all the text. Saucer of milk for Mac's table:

It is recommended that a maintenance schedule is developed and adhered to in order to make sure your PC is running safe and secure. Update your software, do a virus scan, and run error check utility once a week. Search for and download software and driver updates, free up disk space, and defragment hard drive at least once a month. Empty the recycle bin and remove unnecessary programs once every three months. Back up all your files once a year. Please see instruction manual for more details. Failure to perform these functions may result in the following: freezing, viruses, slow performance, and/or error messages. If problems persist after routine maintenance is performed, please contact your local IT professional who may or may not refer you to your software or hardware manufacturer depending on where the problem originated. Important information about easy to use PCs: PCs may become more difficult to use if the following occurs: sluggish operating system, viruses, and error messages, crashing and freezing. Unfortunately, freezing and/or crashing are sometimes unavoidable.

And so it goes on - you can find more transcriptions at OhGizmo. Not doubt there'll be some forums burning with hell and fury over this, although we like to think of it as West Side Story, with gangs of fanboys roaming around Hell's Kitchen with flick-knives. Sort of.

[OhGizmo] via [TechCrunch]


  • Amanda H.
    Apple: Go away, Go away, Go Away.
  • SJT hahahahaha!
  • Matt W.
    Apple kits do nothing that a PC can't do better cheaply, so totally agree with amanda f**k off steve jobs
  • Steve J.
    Ahh the envious comments of the peons; keep working hard at macdonalds you crazy kids, and one day you too shall have the mac your parents will not buy you.
  • Andy T.
    Matt White: What about: Garageband iPhoto iMovie iWeb Aperture Final Cut/Express Logic studio/Express MAC OSX What can Windows run that Mac can't?: Nothing And don't say that none of these are useful because i use Garageband nearly every day on the Macs as college and it is insanely good
  • all e.
    In 50 years or so I reckon the word "Mac" wil be adopted into the English language to replace the word sh*t They're not that bad, but there's an awful amount of snobbery from Mac users and I have never understood why. I use both on a daily basis and frankly Macs crash on me more than PCs do, they run less software and they're expensive. Yet in spite of all of this you'll still get Mac users claiming they're better ..... better or more emo-trendy?
  • GreyScale
    Do you even know what 'emo' means?
  • Roy
    Small print sounds about right. But I'm still not paying over the top for Apple products that are in some cases inferior. Creative Zen MP3 player, drag and drop, less than half the price of Apple's offering. Dell laptop £400 cheaper than a MacBook, albeit heavier but with a vastly superior GFX card.
  • Celticsun
    Yaaaawn, its good to see Apple can still poke a stick into the proverbial hornets nest and get a response. Always good for a giggle, the only thing is there is no real sport in it, Microsoft make shockingly run of the mill ad campaigns, I'd like to see a little more tit for tat in terms of Microsoft responding, so far the best we have is Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld in a shoe shop??? WTF!? For the Record, Apple or PC no biggie each to their own, your mileage may vary etc etc. dont bitch about it all the time.
  • Neil
    @ Andy T: Yeah macs run Crysis pretty well
  • Celticsun
    lol @ Neil, funny most PCs dont run Crysis well let alone Macs.
  • Jack
    There is one thing that Mac users cant seem to do, from my past experience - And then get over it. Each to their own - both have their ups and downs. However I dont know why Mac users have to go around as if they are Elitist faggots, proud of their expensive shiny machine. Yes, it looks nice (some may say), yes the build quality seems to be good, plus you may feel more exclusive as it is more difficult to find things compatible for your system. But you also ended up paying through the arse for average specs. I see Windows as being the most simple, ready to go, all major software etc will run on it with no problems or compatibility issues with gaming. And maybe I'm a n00b for using one, but I dont care. Mac I see as the people that like to think they are being cool and different, its so trendy, and expensive so it must be better - but they are in the closet, too scared to become full Linux. It is as if they are sneeking around in Smiths, peeking at the gay times and then walking away if people see.
  • Macbod
    @ Jack: Great arguement. Well reasoned and well communicated without resorting to petty insults and homophobia. Or not.

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