Microsoft marketeers out of their tiny stupid minds, part 73

I refused to believe that Microsoft could serve up yet another atrocious marketing campaign for Windows 7. They had to end at some point, surely? Nossir. The marketing agency appears to have made real their most pathetic, patronising nightmares - all the while making the end result as feeble and as damaging to the brand as possible.

This week, those aspirational PC owners the Sugababes test-drive a new operating system:

But wait! Disaster ahoy as small child threatens to use the interwebz!

Please, spoon my eyes out and boil them in oil. Microsoft, really. This isn't working. You're trying to "sell the sizzle" as marketeers describe it, but even a dumbed down consumer base is going to wonder whether they want to be associated with your products. Yes, we're all talking about it and yes, you're getting plenty of press attention for this vomit-strained mess of an idea, but you had a lot of ground to make up after Vista, and this gypsy's dog of a campaign isn't making it any better.


  • Financial S.
    GENIUS campaign! Got you guys to highlight right?
  • Paul S.
    Why is it a GENIUS campaign, exactly?
  • RobC
    Theyre managing to convince the nation that even thick birds can use Windows 7 ;)
  • Northerner
    Financial Samurai is bang on. It got you (and now even us) talking about it. As far as marketing goes, that's the whole point. That makes it a 100% success, and you a conspirator by blogging it up and upping the exposure.
  • Drunken D.
    What's the deal with that girl with the fringe's face? I never realised that Pete Burns was someone's role model. I'd smash the fuckin beans out of that blonde scouser though (I'd hide my wallet first though - they're all thieves)
  • Dr S.
    They should not be called the Sugababes anymore as noone is an original member. Besides all that all three would get it till it fell off.
  • singhster
    Fuck me, they can act as well as sing. Is there no limits to their talent?
  • Paul S.
    Northerner - the whole point of marketing isn't to get everybody saying anything about a product - it's to get them saying the right things about a product, and understanding the values of both the product and the brand. Again, if somebody wants to argue how the Windows 7 burger, the Windows 7 parties, Microsoft Store dance routines and the Sugababes reassures customers about a new product and increases the value of the Microsoft brand then please, let's hear it.
  • Mandy B.
    Paul Smith - I don't think you are that naive. Getting people taking about the (lack of) quality of the markettng is as good a way of raising exposure of a product as any. It's not like everyone is slagging off the OS, so the jobs a good 'un! as far as 98% of agencies would be concerned Duncan - two of the three have fringes...

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