Lives of NatWest customers still screwed up by snarl-up

22 June 2012

monkey bank manager

If you’re a NatWest customer, you could be entering the weekend not knowing if you’ll have any cash to get you through until Sunday. The computer problems that have beset the bank for the past couple of days STILL haven’t been sorted, leading to chaos across the country.

The bank are saying that the problem itself has been mended by their boffins, but there’s still a huge backlog of payments that have failed to be processed, with some customers complaining that wages that were due into their accounts haven’t appeared. It’s all okay though folks – NatWest have said that no one will be left out of pocket. Which should be a given really, as it’s not their money that has temporarily vanished.

NatWest will be keeping more than 1,000 branches open until 7pm this evening (Friday) and Saturday-opening branches will stay open until 6pm tomorrow in an attempt to provide the best service possible to account holders. Those same Saturday branches will also open for three hours from 9am on Sunday, as an added ‘bonus’, with the bank saying that emergency cash could be made available to customers who have found themselves potless as a result of the snarl-up.

A NatWest statement mewled:

"We are continuing to experience technical issues with our systems.As a result, money credited to accounts overnight may not be appearing on balances today. This problem is strictly of a technical nature and we are working hard to fix it as soon as possible.

"Staff in our branches and at our call centres are ready and available to answer any questions. Staff in branches will also be able to assist impacted customers who need access to cash."

We here at Bitterwallet believe that this proves once and for all that ‘money’ doesn’t even exist and that we should return to the system of bartering and ‘potato payments’ that served us so well until decimalisation in 1971. End of statement.

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  • Kel
    there are so many ways you could avoid being screwed by a situation like this, e.g. get a credit card, use multiple banks, hold currency, don't be poor etc., that anyway who is fucked probably deserves it due to their diabolical financial management :-P
  • Wonkey H.
    Hope you die in a ditch Kel. Bravo for showing a complete lack of empathy. It might just be the people that need the money most, aren't getting what they have earned because of a bank cock up. We aren't talking about dole scum here, these are hard working people that aren't getting their wages because of problems not of their making.
  • Wonkey H.
    Sorry Kel, I don't really hope you die in a ditch, I'm sure you're really nice in real life.
  • Cheesey
    Kel has a point, up to a point... Would you go on holiday with just one credit/debit card? Or would you have a couple just in case? After this cock up people should consider opening a parachute account with another bank.
  • Sigh
    This is what you get for: 1) reducing IT spending 2) paying peanuts and getting monkeys 3) outsourcing IT to India Part of me agrees with Kel, I mean when it comes to your money, the stuff you need to live on, why risk keeping it all in 1 place. I do feel sorry for the people affected but this should serve as a lesson in redudancy both for the banks and it's affected customers.
  • King.
    Hope Kel gets robbed.
  • Haggis
    @ Wonkey Henry "Dole scum?!" Yes lets play directly into the Tories' divide and rule mantra and continue fighting over pennies whilst the 1% are enriching themselves at the expense of us all.
  • Spandex B.
    Best to be paid in cash.
  • grandma
    We don't bank with NW, my husband's employers do, he has received his salary. Even though we do have a back up funds, I we are still pissed off having raid savings to buy food and pay bills.
  • grandma
    That should have said NOT RECEIVED his salary

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