Live radio tagging for the iPod Nano launched in the UK

It's been a whole day since we talked about the iPhone, so here we are to avert those increasingly worrying palpitations we know you've been suffering. Since the new iPod Nano launched it's had some revolutionary kit inside it called a FM radio. Not only that, Apple included the firmware to allow song tagging, but so far radio groups in Europe have ignored the functionality.

Absolute Radio are the first to step forward and give it whirl. It's essentially Shazam for radio - if you hear a song you like, you can tag it within the Nano to find out what you're listening to, and purchase it later on iTunes:

There's no web browser in the Nano - you're unable to flick through tracks in the iTunes store, so purchasing songs by tagging them isn't as smooth a process as it is on the iPhone. Still, tagging of live radio pretty cool, although Absolute is the only station in Europe to be supporting this functionality so far. The revenue stream it creates may only be worth pennies initially, but at a time when commercial radio revenues are taking a sound beating (and plenty of radio groups still haven't cracked multi-platform listening), development like this is important in fortifying a brand's relationship with the listener.

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