Listening to the consumer? Or rampant sexism?

8 October 2008

It may be 2008 and a woman might be a heart attack (not hers, obviously) away from the White House, but it's depressing to see that sexism is alive and well in the USA.

American electrical retailers Best Buy (think Comet in a warehouse) are fighting for every dollar in the current economic slump, and if that means patronising half the population, that's what they'll do.

Don't worry, you're not losing out. Best Buy will be in the UK soon enough.

With gadget appeal is now universal to both sexes, Best Buy are hoping to attract more women into their shops to buy MP3 players, digital cameras and laptops.

And of course, nothing will make a lady part with her cash faster than wood shelving, increased natural light and terracotta carpeting. Oh, and renaming the Home Theatre mock-up the "family room", because a woman just wouldn't get it otherwise.

It's part of a Best Buy scheme called Winning With Women, where female customers where asked to work with employees on ideas for a new store launch. With ladies accounting for 45% of electronics sales, the retailer is hoping to become its appeal ahead of its European invasion.

In May, Carphone Warehouse agreed a £1 billion joint venture which will see Best Buy's vast array of consumer electronics sold across the continent.

Perhaps everything will be available in a nice shade of pink with free curlers and chocolate.

Photo by Ian Muttoo on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

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