Ladies, gentlemen and readers - Apple iPad 2 and WiFi hotspots

Here it is then, the shiniest piece of tablet gadgetry that you'll all moan you don't see the point of - Apple's iPad 2. It's so good that Steve Jobs came back from sick leave to spout on about it, all while writing off the competition and describing exactly how 'magical' the iPad is:


Available in black and white, the iPad 2 has forward and rear cameras, it's slimmer and lighter and faster, and it's available in the UK from 25th March. And it costs the same price as the current iPad - at least in the US. There'll also be a series of magnetised coloured screen covers, which look like little more than pool covers.

Over 15 million iPads were sold in the first nine months, and Apple are expecting their new baby to do just as well. Just don't call it a tablet. According to Apple, it's a 'post-PC device'. Got that? Good.

More interesting news came by way of the latest version of the iPhone and iPad operating system. The next version, iOS 4.3 will allow for personal WiFi hotspots - meaning your iPhone 4 will be able to share a 3G connection with other devices. Standby for lots of customers realising exactly how limited 500Mb really is. It's something Android has been able to do for an age, before you start.

There are also plenty of apps coming to the new iPad, too. Photo Booth jumps from the Mac the iPad, meaning a further onslaught of Warhol-esque multi-coloured headshots. Facetime will also be available for the iPad 2, obviously, with iMovie and Garage Band too.

Other news from today's Apple event - 100 million books have been bought from the iBooks Store in less than a year, and it's about to get a huge boost; publishers Random House are about to make over 17,000 titles available. Jobs also announced iPhone sales of over 100 million.

Photo via [Techcrunch]


  • Brad
    Its a tablet.
    as for the wifi hotspot more importantly it notes that you need a tethering plan from your carrier which o2 charges an extra £10 a month for!!
  • bernard
    as a piece of technology, separated from all the apple bs, it looks impressive. the software looks good, and the case thing looks like a particularly genius idea. still too expensive though.
  • Tweedskin
    I wouldn't even call it a hotspot! You can only tether your iPhone4 to it, no other device. I will slyly add that i can tether any device to my Android's wifi hotspot and i haven't paid a single penny extra. But that's not a dealbreaker. It looks good. I want one and I'm an Apple hater...
  • Slacker
    Blah blah iWank blah...
  • Delenn
    Underwhelming announcement. Other than its a bit quicker, a bit lighter and a bit thinner, is there anything to see here?
  • ipadbod
    @Delenn. Nothing to see here at all. Apart from the competitors crying into their lattes. The current iPad is lighter, faster and thinner than pretty much everything else out there. It works better, looks better, has more content and is more desireable than everything else currently available. And whilst the alternatives are competing on one or other level, they don't compete on the overall package. And then iPad 2 gets better. It's about securing market share - what was it? 90% tablet market? iPad is going to dominate like the iPod and iPhone. (I know there are other better/cheaper mp3's and smartphones, but aren't they all pretty much launched as x's iPod/iPhone killer?)
  • Andy247
    Delenn, do you mean the iPad or Steve Jobs?
  • tin
    Love it. People queuing up to tell us how it is a load of uninteresting shite. People will love it for whatever reason, it will sell millions and make Jobs et al even more big Scrooge McDuck-esque piles of cash.
  • TimB
    Lighter, faster, thinner. OK, I'd say that's enough for it to qualify as a legitimate upgrade. Still prefer the Galaxy Tab though.
  • maxtweenie
    The rise of Android.
  • Milky
    Covet thine latest edition of thee i-pad (haven't seen any good fox bumming apps though) Apple wankers! (lol)
  • Internet T.
    The black one will be much faster than the white one apparently
  • Nob
    Don't waste your cash on this, the ipad 3 is due out soon.
  • will
    @ Nob And the ipad 4 is due about 12 months after the ipad 3. Do you advise us to hold off purchasing the ipad 3 too? When would you suggest is the best time to buy? Surely it's not as simple as "when you want/need it"......
  • Steve
    Bag o' wank.
  • The B.
    @ipadbod =- "The current iPad is lighter, faster and thinner than pretty much everything else out there. It works better, looks better, has more content and is more desireable than everything else currently available." And yet you neglect to mention that there's no real competition out there because even the ipod itself was cobbled together from a phone OS and therefore is utter shit. Wait until MS and Google release proper tablet OS's and then see what happens to the market. Mind you the iWankers will still masturbate feverishly at a mental image of a Jobsian utopia, note I say picture, and not streaming flash movie.
  • Stephen
    I have an iPad 2, and have bought an ZTE MF60 to give me a mobile hotspot. I have an o2 broadband SIM card. My iPad is communicating with the MF60, and the MF 60is seeing the o2 signal, but I can't connect to the internet, any ideas?

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