Kinect coming to Windows PCs

kinect It’s already a huge hit on the Xbox 360 and now Microsoft are bringing their miraculous Kinect gaming device to PCs – or at least ones that run Windows. They’ll be hoping to add to the 18 million Kinect devices that have been sold so far, although it’s doubtful that they’ll replicate that kind of success.

The PC version of Kinect will feature a ‘near mode’, allowing it to track movements as close as 40cm to the device, compared to the 50cm range of the Kinect version. Sadly for PC owners, it’ll also be pricier, with the US price set at $249 (£157) compared to $130 (£82) for the Xbox version.

Are you a Windows-flavoured PC gamer? Would you fork out in excess of £150 for a Kinect device. Have you done something different to your hair? It’s looking… different somehow. TELL US.


  • Neal
    Yes No Yes, thanks for noticing :-)
  • Mike H.
    "PC... Install several updates from Microsoft." "PC... Install Adobe Acrobat updates" "PC.. restart after BSOD" "PC... reinstall Windows after serious error"
  • Phil
    Yes, No - the kinect on my xbox is rubbish and sits unplugged gathering dust so why would I buy another Yes - I forgot to comb it this morning!
  • EarthSurvivor
    I'd love this for the PC. It opens a world of possibilities! Will be able to control everything in my house with a clap of a hands. And I wouldn't have to run it through a shitty console. Magic!
  • Mike H.
    Mmm, interactive wanking with porn sites.....
  • Mike H.
    I can also control the whole house with a clap of my hands, it's called a W1FE and it didn't cost me £150. Having said that, sometimes it is a little tempremental and sometimes doesn't do what I tell it, a quick twat sorts it. Stupid bitch.
  • Frank P.
    I already have Connect 4 on my PC and its rubbish. Guess Who is better.

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