Kickstarter lets you lick your cat with a fake tongue

Lick your cat

Are you one of those distressing people who treats their cat like a human being? Do you talk to them constantly, and chirrup away when they pop their poo-chute right in your face first thing in the morning?

Maybe stroking your cat isn't enough for you, and you wish you could get into some serious tongue action with your moggy?

Obviously, you don't want to be swallowing loads of fur, but fortunately enough, someone might have come up with a solution for your frankly bizarre needs.

You can get the Licki Brush, which is basically a fake tongue which you put in your mouth, allowing you to lick your cat as much as you like. As your friends slowly erase you from their lives, you'll be able to use this brush as much as you like!

It has the rough texture of an actual cat's tongue, too, just in case you worried it would be too much like a human tongue.

You can have a look at the Kickstarter here.

Here's a video of the offending product, where you'll see a grown man getting over familiar with a pussy.

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