Kevin Rose at Diggnation London says MacBook Blu-Ray by Feb
Plenty of rumours on Apple's plans have been spreading around over the pastweek, just head of time before Tuesday's press event.

So what rumours are going around?

Jason Calacanis, founder of Weblogs Inc./Mahalo dropped a rumour in an interview with a blogger this past Friday: apparently, Apple is developing networked HDTVs with the Apple TV, allowing direct content streaming from iTunes.

Oh, because the iphone and ipods are so last year.

Jason was actually at the “Future of Web Apps” Expo in London on Friday, which I attended myself.  Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerburg and Digg founder Kevin Rose were also in attendance, who dropped a rumour about Apple himself.

During the live filming of Diggnation, Rose revealed a rumour. He said that the new series of Macbooks will support Blu-Ray drives. He however did say that unlike his sources for the iPod/iTunes predictions, these sources are not as good.

Come on, Kevin.  Surely you're better connected than that?

However, with NVIDIA reporting in AppleInsider and PC Perspective that the new MacBooks will be based on their chipsets instead of Intel, note that one of the key NVIDIA hardware features is to support Blue-ray functionality. Gotcha!

And now that Bill Gates has stepped down after monopolizing Vista PCs with HD-DVDs that are going out of fashion, it's time for Steve to take over the world.  Hopefully before his untimely death, anyway.

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  • Paul N.
    What's the idea of HD-DVD on a Vista laptop? Obsolete hardware for obsolete OS? ;) I think Blu-Ray would be one of the less interesting feature additions compared to other rumours (tablet etc)
  • Vince W.
    HD-DVDs are still plentiful and cheap. But you know. It's Bill Gates. What do you expect?
  • ASUS B.
    [...] it was some sixth sense, but in the same week Apple prepares to launch a new assault on the computer market, ASUS have announced that their new touchscreen PC is available on [...]

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