Apple introduces the $499 iPad - 3G models, unlocked too

Bitterwallet - the iPad (3G model)

So there you have it. After several billion years, stars have formed, life has evolved and finally we have a blummin' iPhone Tablet. Yes, the iPad is here. You can see all the spec for yourself here - and you can win one for free here!

It has a 9.7 inch screen and is half an inch thin - there's just the one screen size, rather than a range of different sized devices. It's powered by an 1GHz Apple A4 chip with 16GB to 64GB of flash storage, as well as all the features of the iPhone - compass, accelerometer, Bluetooth, speaker, microphone. It also has a 10 hour battery life - so halve that and knock an hour off.

The basic device has wifi capabilities, although there is another version with wifi capability; the deal struck with AT&T in the US means unlimited use for $29.99 a month (£18.53) with no contract - plus the 3G version is also unlocked. One note on the 3g - the iPad takes a "GSM micro SIM" - which UK operators currently offers them, then? None at all, we think. Apps currently found in the App Store will run on the iPad, although changes to the developer SDK will allow apps to be specifically built for it.

How much? Despite the doomsayers predicting near $1,000, the basic iPad is $499 in the US - that's £309 in proper money, so expect a £350/£399 price tag. There are six models in total: 16GB / 32GB / 64GB, each available as wifi or 3G - $499 gets you the basic version, it's $599 for 32GB and $699 for the wifi iPad. If you fancy 3G then 16GB is $629, 32GB is $729 and a 64GB iPad with 3G is $829. There's also a standalone keyboard available too, and the whole kit and kaboodle ships in March.


  • Bored
  • Chris S.
    IM gonna lol mega when the price is announced. its gotta be 500+ otherwise the iphone will look uber expensive.
  • nobby
    Please can someone tell me why anyone would acutally want one of these? Apple are going to drive themselves out of business. Why all the hype around this crap? If I want to use the net I'll use my small latop, easy, portable and stands on its own. Or even my phone that fits in my pocket.
  • Bored
    ... all the hype comes from all the journalists who are all Apple fan-boys. It's a bit like all the hype about global warming promoted by "environmental" journalists just trying to keep their jobs, even though all the "science" behind it is unravelling on a daily basis and being shown for the fraud it is...
  • nobby
    Bored - (sorry to side track here, but you introduced the topic). If you really do believe that the "science" is unravelling then I feel somewhat sorry for you. What exactly is it you feel so upset about? As far as I can see the science is, as far as science can be, correct.
  • Andy
    It does have 3g
  • goit
    "Now I'd like to talk about wireless networking. Every iPad has WiFi... but we're also going to have models with 3G."
  • Chris S.
    Talking about data deals now, i can see a lot of iphone owners losing the nut.
  • Andre W.
    " the basic iPad is $499 in the US – that’s £309 in proper money, so expect a £350/£399 price tag" I reckon it will be more a price tag of £500 personally.
  • Angry S.
    "Apple are going to drive themselves out of business. Why all the hype around this crap?" Funniest comment so far. You are obviously and economic and marketing genius. Why don't you give Mr jobs a call and tell him where his company has gone wrong. I'm sure he'll be delighted to discuss their latest financial results with you.
  • andy y.
    Overpriced net book with an overpriced contract
  • Chris
    Jobs said this device is better than netbooks. Thats weird cause my netbook can multitask, has a faster processor, a proper keyboard, has a proper full OS ohh and a LOT cheaper FAIL
  • nobby
    Angry of Scotland - I can see that you will be one of the idiots that will go and buy one of these things!! Do you honestly think you can find a need for one of these? Most of the commentry on this is highly skeptical, not just me.
  • Angry S.
    Nobby (appropriate name.......) Its your business acumen that's in question, not the capabilities of the device or my potential to purchase it. Lets wait and see if it drives Apple out of business, then we'll see if you know what you're talking about.
  • Chris
    @Angry of Scotland What has apples latest financial results got to do with the launch of the ipad and how well it will do?
  • Paul S.
    There was no need for camera in phones - they were the stupidest idea ever. Jobs will create a market for these. They will be everywhere. The phrase "I don't know how I lived without it" will apply to it in a couple of years. If Apple can keep the price low, they will be a must-have item and people will find plenty of uses for them.
  • Angry S.
    "What has apples latest financial results got to do with the launch of the ipad and how well it will do?" If you can't work that one out for yourself, no amount of explanation is going to help.
  • nobby
    Angry of Scotland - all I'm saying that this is going to be a loss leader - I can't see that many people buy one, or having a use for one. After the sucess of the iphone and ipod, apple have been trying to reinvent the wheel to come up with the next new gadget. So I'm saying that if they carry on like this, it isn't going to do them any good. Sorry if I hit a nerve, given your extreme reaction, mabye the sun does shine out of steve job's arse!
  • CompactDistance
    Lol, it's an iPod Touch with a bigger screen. Original.
  • Paul S.
    It's the same size as a Kindle DX and costs just $10 more. Over 1.5 million Kindles have been sold since launch. The iPad not only offers, books, newspapers and magazines, but music, movies, email too. If nothing else, it's a Kindle killer. It's a mainstream device. It'll sell more units than the Kindle in a matter of weeks.
  • brian b.
    and next month it's the new software for rolling up businesses rumerd to be called "i fold"
  • Gunn
    I really did expect more, what a let down.
  • Big A.
    So we have a netbook sans keyboard. Or is it a freakily large ipawn? Man those that bought a PAYG largely for internet and texting will be well pissed off. I had a laptop 5 years ago that was a tablet it had a more powerful processor back then. I've got a netbook which beats every spec of this and it cost me half of what this will cost. Setting up deals with mobile phone companies before you've even released the product makes them look very nervous as to how well it will take off. Anyone else thinking Apple Pippin or USB Mouse? For the record I sit here typing this out on my MBP which I still consider an extraordinary extravagance that I would likely not purchase if I coudl do it all over again.
  • shatpank81
    it wont make call or send texts so that makes it different to the iphone, bit like how the ipod touch is different to the iphone! got to be honest if this comes in at under £350 ill get one, it looks superb!! all this contracts, data charges etc wont apply to me because ill get the standard wifi version, i have a netbook (asus eee) and its terrible, yea yea it multi-tasks but only just!! face it whether you like it or not, after about a month after its launched just go to london's underground or new york at rush hour you will see these everywhere! apple might be expensive but they do know there market, and if not they create the market!!!
  • Jakobso
    "How much? Despite the doomsayers predicting near $1,000, the basic iPad is $499 in the US – that’s £309 in proper money, so expect a £350/£399 price tag." You seem to misunderstand the corporate exchange rate of the Dollar to the Pound. Its not the usual $1 to £0.62 conversion rate like it is now. Corporate convert at $1 to £1 then add some extra for the hell of it. Andre Woodhall is being very optimistic of it being about £500, Im thinking possibly £600. As for the iPad, I fail to see the use of it. I love my iPhone and what I can't do on that, I use my laptop (not a Mac!) for. There is no middle ground, and even if I wanted to fill it, it would be a very expensive and rarely used toy.
  • nobby
    Paul - will you guys at bitter wallet acutally use these? And do you see a long-term market for things like this? I know some businesses that have started using kindle to send documents to employees. But, why would I want to carry one around along with my laptop and backberry/iphone? You say kindle has sold 1.5 million - but how many of those sales are businesses buying the next gadet for their companies, and how many are real consumer sales? You think that those people that have thought it worthwhile to buy a kindle will go out and replace it with and ipad? Do you honestly think this ipad is somthing to get excited about? Really? I mean, really? Like nothing seen before, change my life really?
  • bingo
    £500! How many end consumers (other than businesses) are really going to pay that? You can get an iphone on contract, so costs aren't so bad. I don't see a market for this ipad, other than busness users and idiots that think it is cool to waste their money on - it offers nothing new at all.
  • Matt H.
    Apple = revolutionary ideas? I think now, Ipod Touch, Iphone and Ipad all look identical, where is the revolution there?! lol.
  • Matt H.
    Also, anyone else thing that the iPad sounds like something women require once a month?
  • Youngy
    No mention of the screen resolution... hi-res? All the talk of movies and its not even 720p?
  • nobby
    Twitter is going ipad crazy - in a negative way, hating it. Maybe people don't like new things.
  • shatpank81
    1024-by-768-pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch (ppi)
  • Matt H.
    So this is a 9+ inch screen with a 1024x768 screen, my 1+ year old Archos 5 has 800x480 on a 5 inch screen (about half viewable area!)
  • Matt H. Anyone else think that this 'dock' looks mighty unstable!
  • Roy
    It's a nice looking, shiny piece of kit, which is all that seems to matter to the masses. A Netbook is better and half the price but it's not really 'The' product to be seen with is it. Should be fun playing spot the wanker at starbucks on launch.
  • Matt H.
    Going by the screen size and the external dimensions, this has a whoopping 1.2inch black boarder all around it (going diagonally from the corners)! That's a huge amount of dead space that could be screen!
  • Jakobso
    "Twitter is going ipad crazy – in a negative way, hating it. Maybe people don’t like new things." People on Twitter don't like alot of things, such as sunshine, outdoors and women.
  • Matt H.
    The top topic on twitter right now is 'iTampon', 'iPhone' and 'kindle' . Lol
  • Matt H.
    Lol - Gotta love the quick work on this! Well funny!
  • Mark M.
    I'm going to back Paul up here and say his price is spot on. £0.62p right now is $1. MacBook Basic, UK = $999 into £ is £619.38 plus VAT is £727.77 (and the real price £816) (£89 out) iPod Touch 64gb UK = $399 into £ is 247.38 plus VAT is £290.67 (and the real price is £306) (£16 out) So, the iPad, at $499 is $499 in £309.38 add on VAT which is £363, if we go low end it'll be £379, or high end estimate, (half the £89 is high end as the item is half the cost of the MacBook) is £407... Do people always forget that US prices are displayed without their taxes on, while UK prices always have 17.5% of VAT on them.. yes, there is some kind of UK tax, but it's not a $1 = £1 by any stretch of the imagination. M
  • Mark M.
    At Mark M - how dare you steal my name!
  • Charly
    Orange have been trialling the micro SIM cards for a while now and should be releasing them at some point.
  • myiphoneisbroken
    I also don't get the point of this. I have a Samsung NC10 for everything this can do and more, plus the screen getting scratched isn't an issue as it folds away, and I can type nice and quickly on the keyboard. I have an iPhone for when I'm out and about, email, video and music. Neither of these devices I could live without. This I doubt I could live with!
  • Darren
    Im an apple fan boy, its the industry I work in... and I think this product is superb... why would you want a netbook though, its a plastic 10 inch laptop that looks like its made by Vtech... show me one thats of a great design??? this device, you can read books, newspapers, web browsing, e-mail, music, movies... its everything about enjoying media and web in probably the coolest way possible.... All you haters though at one point will go and check this out, your curious... but happy sticking with samsungs, and aseus and all that plastic fold away crap.. at the end of the day this is being positioned as an entirely new product, its not an oversized Iphone, because you have the iphone for that, its not being positioned as an oversized touch, you have a touch for that as well... this is the Ipad... Give me an Ipad over a Assus or samsung or HP notebook any day... I mean your all cursing apple for doing this, but Gees look at the microsoft conference out this week with all of HP's tablets... I bet you wont be cursing them.
  • fabbers
    Another supreme example of form over function. "this device, you can read books, newspapers, web browsing, e-mail, music, movies… its everything about enjoying media and web in probably the coolest way possible…." But heaven forbid you want to do more then one of these things at a time. Coming next year the Apple suicide ibooth........
  • yoyo
    on msn homepage they got a page for ipad and they say the ipad will go INSIDE THE KEYBOARD,how bigs the feckin keyboard lol? ROY "Should be fun playing spot the wanker at starbucks on launch." lol you couldnt be more right! think of all the estate agents readying to get 1 of these.looks delicate and flimsy unlike a netbook.ill pass but for those who buy it id get an extended warranty!!
  • Owen S.
    Does this support flash or other plugins or is it a glorified half web browser?
  • Sideysid
    @Darrren - youre right you are an Apple fanboy, and using the industry is no excuse, I've also been in the repro industry for well over a decade and think this is pile of wank. 'An entirely new product"?? Tablet PCs have been around since the 90's. Just watched BBC News with that twat Spencer Kelly from 'Click' creaming his pants over it, saying 'it wil come into its own with the optional keyboard and mouse!' Took the old guy on there to state the bleedin obvious 'isn't that like using a normal computer?' Tosspot. Maybe I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, but I can't understand why people are getting a lob-on over this.
  • nobby
    Darren - so you'll be gettining one of these to carry around with your iphone and mac book? Great. You likeit because you have to, not because it is practical or useful for the every day person.
  • Kevin
    Matt Hudson, did you see how old that MADTV clip was? November 2007!
  • Amanda H.
    I've just invented something of the back of this! As you can predict this tablet will get scratched to fuck after one week, not to mention jam/marmite fingerprints every morning. So I reckon if we added some kind of lid: maybe hinged to protect the screen whilst on the move, then inside the lid we could accommodate keys and additional buttons. Maybe even a mouse pad!? We could make the processor faster, better storage and make it much cheaper. #picks up the phone and calls Dragons Den, ~"hello Theo?"
  • Tom
    One thing I haven't seen mentioned on any site yet is the iBook app and the screen. E-ink is designed not to tire the eyes. This device is just a huge backlit screen which isn't going to be comfortable for long reading sessions. The battery even in the best case scenario isn't going to be good enough to take thedevice on holiday for book reading without being near a charger.
  • Darren
    @ Nobby - no I'll be getting one because I wont have to carry my MBP around... Iphone yes, just to make calls... better than carrying a laptop and a blackberry.
  • Jon
    So there it is, the latest object of fantasy for those who suckle at the Jobs teat. AllI can say is: 1) At those prices at least some good will come of it in terms of dollops of VAT flowing in to the Exchequer, 2) It'll clear the field for those of us in the market for something functional and reasonably priced. 3) I'm presuming the machine comes with a cheat sheet of poses to strike whilst holding or talking about it.
  • Carlos J.
    No real practical use, a netbook is better and cheaper, oversized ipod touch :) Yet why will I sell me first born come March to be first in the queue to get one :)
  • M4RKM
    @Mark M - the second one.. fine.. i'll change my name... *hmph* M
  • Will
    So what does it do that an iPhone doesn't? Isn't it just an iPhone with a bigger screen? I'd rather have something I can actually carry around without needing a briefcase I think!
  • Matt
    @Will.... Iphone can do more than this... iphone can make calls, this can't. It's more of a 'Jumbo' ipod touch. Lol.
  • Sceptic
    Lots of discussion on style and hardware (agreed - looks neat) but not much on content. Isnt this effectively just a fucking big itouch? IMO differentiator with netbooks is the better freeware available. Like the kindle, this is rather too orientated at future revenue earning after intial purchase - and all the 'good' stuff comes at an app store premium. Therefore, think it rather depends on Devteam efforts if I`ll get one or not :) An aside - but how do people think this stacks up against the google/dell co-op, of which a little more is known prior to release?
  • nobby
    Darren - not sure who pulled the wool over your eyes.... why would you want one of these? The ipad has... no multi-tasking, no support for flash, poor video support no gps (only in3g version) You get more from an iphone, and its easier to carry around. Would you really walk around with one of these for any purpose other than getting it out in the middle of the street to show off (not noticing everying else thinking your a little weird). It will be interesting to see how apple convinces people that they need an ipad (other than those that will buy a brick just because apple made it)
  • Fella-Tio
    its fookin massive! whats the point? cheaper and better to just get a netbook
  • Darren
    @ Nobby... but thats all IT geeky stuff for the world of PC's not MAC, Flash developers can still create flash based apps and convert to Ipad an Iphone via Adobe CS5. what multi tasking do you want??? it plays video, music, diary, web, iwork, mail, fun games etc... why would I pull one out in the street, Im not going to do any of those whilst im walking nobby?? and why would you use it for GPS, you have a smart phone or satnav for that... if you want to hack and crack, and clock your PC and make it run nice and smooth without a glitch... then by your plastic netbooks, notebooks, laptops etc... that are all small... but for those that want something a little fun, cool and great looking then get an Ipad, but if Apple disgust you then go for HP's new tablet... best of both worlds then nobby... BUT I didn't see any hype about HP's Tablet or Microsoft's touch experience, i think thats what they called it... 75 Million customers can't be wrong nobby... and 75 million customers don't seem to be worried about flash either.
  • Dai
    What multi-tasking do I want? I want to listen to music whilst surfing the web and having a twitter client running in the background. I want to switch quickly between a browser page and a word processor. You know, like real grown up computers do. And android phones do. Also I'm not sure I want Apple to have the final say over what I can and can't install on a computer. But mainly, I don't want to pay £500 for something that does the less useful half of what my phone does and is almost the size of my laptop.
  • Sideysid
    Second thoughts I didn't wake up the wrong side of the bed this morning, Darren you are a pillock.
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    Quote @ Darren: but for those that want something a little fun, cool and great looking then get an Ipad ------------- If they're the best fucking reasons you can come up with for throwing away £400, then to be honest, I'd rather buy a nice hat. I'll look much fucking more cool than you and your shitty laughable attempt at looking like one of the usual two bob millionaire crowd. £400 will get me one hell of a nice hat. It will get you a giant ipod touch, with less functionality, less portability, but far more price.
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    quote @ Dai: I want to listen to music whilst surfing the web and having a twitter client running in the background. I want to switch quickly between a browser page and a word processor. You know, like real grown up computers do. And android phones do. ------------- Indeed - like we've all been happily doing since the glory days of the Amiga 1000. Way to go back to the 1980s, Jobs.
  • Darren
    @SID: with a name like sid... I wouldn't comment.... @ Dai & Gay everyone has there own choices to make, Dai no ones forcing you to by the Ipad and Gay, well, what can I say... enjoy the hat. at the end of the day, no one is forcing people to buy this device, no one is telling you that you have to have one... stick to your netbooks and smartphones... others will stick to there Iphones and Ipads... thats all Im saying
  • Jack
    Unlocked too?!?!?!?!? Shock horror, quickly contact Geneva. Its a fucking full price netbook without a keyboard, of course it will be unlocked. Its like saying, yes you can buy this house in full, but wait, you can only move in if you remortgage right away with a specific lender. Oh and GSM micro sim, well fucking done Apple, try to be awkward again. £350 pffft, with no Keyboard included, what a load a shit. This is only useful for media related things or gimmicky games, it must be useless for typing things in, especially when on the move. Why not get a bloody mobile phone if you want the functionality this has, and then get a desktop or laptop (if that floats your boat) for home.
  • Brian's U.
    you guys are missing the point completely. It's not aimed at the computer savvy people at all, which most of us on here are. It's for the stupid people who like how their iPhone operates and it's user interface and want to have the same thing bigger. I think it's aimed at women between 24-40 who already has an iPhone but aren't savvy enough to use or maintain a normal laptop/netbook. In other words it's for stupid people.
  • nobby
    Darren - what if I want to view a website that has flash in it? I have to say, it was funny when Jobs loaded up the New York Times webstie and part of the site didn't load because it was in flash!! So many sites use flash these days. This thing is going to be frustrating more than anything.
  • beatle20359
    Right enough Apple bashing.. I'm a mac and windows engineer and although I might or might not buy an iPad I can tell you one area that it might well thrive in.. Education - yes there are going to be those of you on here that think it's a flimsy product and wouldn't be safe in the hand of anyone under the age of 30 but think of what it offers. Almost 0 need for IT support, with iWork being offered at $10 it's not a massive cost. A stylus will be available for it at some point in the near future. If you add up the cost of office and a netbook your not far off the price of an ipad with iworks but with less support costs for a school and a much easier learning curve for students. Other areas will be people like Estate Agents who can have something thats useable while walking round a property and sales people in stores. Then there will be the casual surfer who is only interested in doing a few activities, like surfing the web, reading mails and watching the odd video. Nothing taxing and without the potential fuss of having a laptop with moving parts.
  • Fella-Tio
    that new Dell one looks nice
  • Jack
    @beatle - just install OpenOffice instead, simple, free and everything you need. And I don't seriously think this is a serious option for a school! They want budget PC's which will take moving around, being hit and a monitor with plastic covering in front of it. And in good education establishments, who want good portable products will get MacBooks instead, or laptops of a similar spec but cheaper surely? Estate agents could use them yes, that seems to be a good use of them. You can see an opinion from me here - - It is biased against the Apple in the way that it is written though, but I still bring up balance in most areas.
  • Fred
    A kindle is very different as it doesn't burn your eyes after hours of reading. But have to say spec wise its slow.... 1GHZ I think the nexus one is as fast... It will sell.. But you will look like a twat on the train trying to hold it with one arm while trying to type with t'other, coupled with groans of annoyance when you tap the wrong thing. Sat next to Mr eeepc who's multitasking, typing happily away with cash to spare.
  • Jack
    @Fred Its a bit different to that I think, its a newly developed 1GHz mobile processor, I think it has much better performance to what a normal 1GHz processor would have, I think the same thing when I see 1GHz, I don't know the details but it isn't as bad as you think.
  • Dai
    @Darren "Im an apple fan boy, its the industry I work in… " Why do you need a computer to suck cocks?
  • Darren
    @ Dai.. you stick to your Asus Netbook that looks like a Vtech my first computer design, such a childish remark... @ Jack, why go to the lengths of open office, just don't buy one if it isn't for you... everyone is on here to have a pop at it, but know one is having a go at the PC version by HP and what Microsoft called the touch experience with swipe and pinch controls (where have I seen that before?) Apple grow from strength to strength with 75 million users of the iphone... 54% of the UK saying they want one, yet I dont see this mass histeria over windows 7 or windows mobile or nexus one... yet they see massive growth in computer sales, something they call the Ipod Halo effect... easy to use, simple to run... I wonder what a mac is like... oh I'll buy one! If it hasn't got what you want it to do, then that doesnt make it a bad product, it just means its not suited for you.. hence why in the PC world you have thousands of options. if you want all this flash and changeable features then go for PC, with virus guards, IT support, upgrades, enhancement, expensive software.... If you want something simple, easy to use and want to experience a tablet computer, then try the Ipad that all they are saying.
  • nobby
    What do you mean "if you want all this flash" - in today's world you need flash for so many websites. So yes, buy an ipad if you want a reduced user experience. Darren - you say people are on here to have a pop at the ipad, but most people have valid points. You have your blinkers on, loving the apple gods. Come on, just admit, we were expecting so much more from them. FAIL.
  • john
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