It's (almost) official - Apple tablet here with days, says Orange

There's been plenty of bullshit-baffles-brains concerning whether Apple will or won't launch a tablet PC, whether anybody cares and whether it fulfills a consumer need blah blah blah. No more. It's definitely on it's way and it'll be here within days. The source of this outlandish rumour? YouTube? Twitter? Something your mum whispered in our ear last night? Nope, confirmation comes from the incoming CEO of Orange, Stephane Richard.

Bitterwallet - tabley on the way from Apple, says Orange

During an interview with French radio station Europa 1, the interviewer thought he'd slip in a question he stood no chance of getting a straight answer to. And in a spectacular turn of events, he actually did:

Interviewer: According to the magazine Le Point, in a few days your partners at Apple will launch a tablet equipped with a webcam?
Richard: Yes.
Interviewer: Will Orange customers get to use it?
Richard: Of course. Especially since the webcam gives you real-time video streaming.

Perhaps Richard is reveling in that well known French sense of humour, but it's more likely that since the interview was with a high profile journalist, that he's just oui oui'd all over the non-disclosure agreement that Apple will have forced Orange to sign. Start saving, fanboys. Apple haters, form an orderly queue here.


  • Mark M.
    *tumbleweed* wow.. no apple haters.... (yet)
  • Neil
    Hubba Hubba
  • r3tract
    You'd have to be a Banana to hate Apples or Oranges.
  • Mark P.
    Hmmm Apple tablet subsidised by telephone companies...could be interesting.
  • The B.
    I like a nice juicy pear myself.
  • Amanda H.
    RRP £3,000 per month 300 month contract
  • andy y.
    This is all so homophobic
  • jones
    Are tablet PCs really required? They aren't any good for replacing a phone, and I don't see a big benefit over laptops.
  • myiphoneisbroken
    All I can imagine is that the screen would end up getting scratched? And typing would be horrible - at least with keys you know when youve pressed it, I find writing a text on the iphone bad enough, let alone a whole word document.
  • Kevin
    I love typing on my iphone compared to any other normal phone I've ever used. Of course using it all the time who knows. I just want to know how much it's going to cost in the UK.
  • Shopdis F.
    I just cannot see what benefit this has to make people want one!
  • Paddy
    I love Apple-I've got 3 ipods, a macbook, an iphone and an unhealthy obsession with everything Apple. However, I cannot see the justification in getting a tablet. Before, anyone says that the market will be created, I've got two words for you-mini disc. See how that worked out for a supposed new market...

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