Is this the new Apple tablet? Probably not.

This is the latest shiny to do the rounds on the tech blogs. It's a fairly obvious fake, we reckon - have a look at the images on Mashable and compare the hard shadow of the Mac Book Pro with the diffuse shadow of the tablet:

Bitterwallet - new Apple tablet pics

It's all bollocks. Probably. In the meantime, we've imposed an indefinite and irreversible ban on any mention of Apple products on BItterwallet. Until tomorrow night. Good day.


  • stu
    looks more like an Apple table mat, 4 of these on the table at my next dinner party would make me a legend... a sad geeky legend :(
  • The B.
    Tablet? How the bloody hell are you supposed to swallow that? Even if you could you'd need a suppository and lube at the other end.
  • ButterMan
    Hardware keyboard, that's what we want...

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