Is the Amazon tablet coming on Wednesday?

amazon logo Amazon have sent out some invitations to a press conference in New York on Wednesday and while we’re still waiting for ours to arrive, we’re prepared to (grudgingly) report on what it might all be about.

Rumours are flying around the techosphere that the press conference could see the grand unveiling of the Amazon tablet, believed to be called the Kindle and almost certain to run on a version of Android that will be unique to he device.

Best of all, the Amazon tablet is believed to be priced at about $250 – well below the iPad and probably cheap enough to convince large numbers of punters to give it a whirl. The trick will be that Amazon will then make their money from selling content and other services for it through their own app store.

The Amazon tablet is said to have a seven inch screen and a full colour display and some analysts are already calling it a game-changer. Things should get very interesting after Wednesday…


  • The B.
    Need to see the spec first.
  • kv
    needs to be run on Honeycomb 3.2 to stand a chance
  • TechLogon
    "is said to have a seven inch screen" - not exactly going to have the iPad quaking in its shoes then? Assuming the $250 converts to £250 as usual it seems well overpriced for a 7 inch (likely single core) tablet. I'd rather go for something like the 10 inch Hannspad and save a bundle if I didn't want to pay full whack for an iPad/Galaxy. A year from now I'm betting you won't see 7 inchers on the market - just like netbooks...
  • Zleet
    Could only see this being a 'game changer' if it has a dual e-ink/regular screen so you don't melt your eyes reading a book and they keep the kindle free internet. Without any of that it's just a budget tablet with the kindle badge glued on.
  • Tweedskin
    @kv It will NOT be running Honeycomb 3.2. It is running a massively customised version of Android 2.2 (froyo). Apparently it is so much different that it is barely recognisable as Android. No Google apps appear on the device (Gmail, Maps etc.) and the Android Market is no-where to be found. Amazon's android Market will probably appear but this is unconfirmed. @TechLogon Many people agree that 10 inch screens are a little too big and that 7 inch represents the ideal balance between weight, portability, usability, and screen real estate. Just because it doesn't compare in size to the iPad, doesn't mean it can not compete. I pity you if you value screen size as a top priority. You are probably correct in thinking it will "likely use a single core" processor - the main reason for this is to keep the cost down. Amazon are reportedly working on a 10inch model too, just to keep YOU happy, however this will not be available at launch. I think you are wrong about 7 inch tablets not being on the market in a year. So there. @Zleet Unfortunately, it will use a full colour backlit e-ink in sight. It is reported that Amazon are working on a multi-touch lcd/e-ink hybrid screen, although this is no where near completion/testing as far as I'm aware. Regarding free kindle internet, the tablet will launch as WiFi only, with no 3G. I'm sure Amazon are in discussions with mobile operators to reach an agreement for pricing. A 3G model will be available at some point. I'm looking forward to it, tbh! But don't get your hopes up. This could very well just be a refresh of the Kindle, with the rumoured tablet appearing next year, although the timing of the announcement falls perfectly for Christmas......
  • Mark C.
    It does concern me that they're being cagey about whether this is aimed to be a new machine under the Kindle umbrella brand or a replacement for the previous generatoion of eInk Kindles. I like my existing Kindle and would rather like them to keep developing that technology (preferably starting with making them less fragile) - if I wanted a second rate Android tablet, it's not like there aren't quite a range to choose from.

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