iPads everywhere on Friday, not just DSGi

What fresh hell is this? We've been telling you that along with Apple stores, DSGi outlets will be exclusively retailing the iPad from Friday at 8am. Now it appears that's a pack of lies. There are plenty of independent retailers offering the wunderkit then, but they can't tell you about it.
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The Register reports that Apple has demanded indies do not take pre-orders or even publicise the launch until Friday morning:

An Apple dealer, speaking to us on condition of anonymity, said he was in the middle of re-merchandising his shop and training staff. Once this is complete he must email photographs to Apple for approval by 8pm on Thursday night. All being well he can then get on with selling the gadgets on Friday morning

He said enquiries from punters had outstripped any other Apple launch he had worked on, with each store getting 15-20 queries a day. He said he had a "humongous list of would-be customers" and even had people asking if they could queue overnight to ensure they're near the front of the queue.

So it seems you'll be able to blow your wad in plenty of places, without the need to drink the demon seed of DSGi. If you want to find an official Apple reseller, the official site has details.

[The Register]

EDIT: I've removed all of the Thursday/tomorrow references. The launch is, as you've all pointed out, on Thursday... no, Friday. I am Paul Smith and I LITERALLY don't know what day it is!


  • John S.
    What sort of cunt would queue overnight?
  • zacspeed
    Plenty of them out there dude!
  • M4RKM
    Tomorrow??? Thought it was Friday?????
  • stu
    huh? apple site says 28th!
  • Jay438
    Where has it ever said the 27th? Guy in the Tottenham Rd branch of PC World said they will only have around 60 iPads available to purchase at 9.00 am (they will open at 8.00 am) on friday.
  • Nobby
    They should sell people a place in the queue to buy them. Book a slot between 9am and 10am, £50. 10am-11am, £25. If they run out, tough luck.
  • F. F.
    @Nobby - I agree, these appletards are fair pickings...
  • Ian
    Will be a boon for Money Purchase Pension sales people ; using one will be equivalent to wearing a tee shirt saying 'Loads of cash & Gulliable too' ....
  • stu
    Maybe MAYBE Paul was right?? heres my TNT tracking for it...It updated an hour ago. Estimated Delivery Date (Subject to change) 27 May 2010 (Subject to change) Current Delivery Status Shipment dispatched 22 May 2010
  • ipadbod
    Just to clarify, I don't think there was ever a question of Apple stores and their official resellers having them. The DSGi thing excludes other high street retailers (i.e. comet, tesco, john lewis, argos, phone shops etc. etc.)
  • M4RKM
    @stu - it'll get thrown around for at least 24 hours before getting anywhere near a van though with TNT....
  • Mike H.
    John Skeleton, the kind of cunt that drives a BMW/Audi. They can't wait to show their dick head mates what an absolute cunt they are with their iPad and iPhone, they'll be down the pub Friday night with their stupid point shoes, crap hair and massive fuck off watches, acting like dicks, trying to pull hopelesly, I'll be outside, pissing on their car and porking their Mrs. CUNTS
  • Nobby
    Or you could get really drunk and pork their car and piss on their Mrs.
  • Paulo M.
  • Atheos, A.
    According to Apple the iPad is (and I quote) "magical". This claim is clearly in breach of Regulation 5 of The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 (A misleading action: when a practice misleads through the information it contains, or its deceptive presentation, and causes or is likely to cause the average consumer to take a different decision). Given that the average consumer is likely to be swayed into buying an iPad believing to have magical properties or to be powered by magic because Apple describe it as magical. As magic cannot be proven to exist the claim of being magical is misleading and Apple are duping consumers. An injunction should be raised to prevent Apple from mis-selling their products in this way. The injunction against every religion (apart from Atheism) on the same grounds should be raised next week.
  • Gravure I.
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