iPad - great for email on the back of a scooter

Because Bitterwallet is the official website of Apple fanboys*, here's the latest commercial that shows you exactly why you still don't really need one. £10 to the first person who spots some hipster douchebag stupid enough to be holding one without a case on the back of a moving scooter:

* not a legitimate title


  • bennydad
    hey - I spotted the douchebag - where's my £10
  • Jizzlingtons
    WTF! IS DIS REAL? And by that I mean, is BW really posting this shite up as news? It's not a story at all!
  • scatton
    I am sure i read somewhere that it couldn't handle FLASH..... so how can it be ready for all of the worlds websites?
  • Lumoruk
    This advert is banned in the UK, no mention of the obligatory "Some steps have been skipped to give the false impression it is actually this fast, hold out for the iPad'S' for the Speed edition"
  • wander
    just to emphasize WTF! IS DIS REAL?
  • The B.
    Scatton, Adobe have decided to not bother developing Flash for Apple products because they're so damn slow and clunky (or something), so yes, it's not.
  • TheIllegitimateSonOfGunn
    "Why you still don't need one"? Hmm, weren't you giving one away as a prize for something or other not so long ago? Contradict much?
  • Morocco
    If we don't really need one, why do you insist on reporting every pissing non-story about it? Every time someone at Apple farts, Bitterwallet tells you what it smells like.
  • ¬_¬
    bitterwallet fails again -_-
  • Wonky H.
    i bum foxes
  • zacspeed
    i fox bums
  • Internet T.
    I've seen Megan Fox's bum

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