iPad con artists with artistic leanings sought by cops

31 August 2011

We’ve all been duped at some point or another – it’s a horrible feeling and there should probably be some kind of law against it. But has there ever been a stupider tale of duping than the one involving stupid American Ashley McDowell?

Two men in a South Carolina McDonald’s car park approached Ashley and offered to sell her an iPad for $300. But Ashley only had $180 on her – no matter, as the men were happy to accept that. It was only when she got home and opened the box that she realised that there was a block of wood inside the box.

This is where the stupidity envelopes in on itself. Yes, there was a block of wood inside the iPad box, but... it had been cack-handedly made to look like an iPad.


Look at it. There's an Apple logo stuck on it and the con men had even painted on a screen and some fake icons. Just what is the frigging point of THAT? Adding insult to injury?

Humans. Sometimes we just don’t deserve our humanness.

[Smoking Gun]

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  • The B.
    Are you sure it's fake? It looks to have full Apple functionality?
  • RumOwDave
    You'd have to be a bot of a dick not to check the contents even works before buying it. Idiot.
  • The B.
    You'd have to be a knob not to check it worked or wasn't in there. Silly bitch.
  • Phil76
    I'd have a shred of sympathy for her if they'd shown her a working ipad and then switched it for the eco-version, but if I'd paid $180 without even checking what I had brought I'd be too embarrased to report it
  • The B.
    I reckon its one of those new Android tablets. Another lawsuit from Apple coming up?
  • Steve
    Well, you have to be a bit of a fucking idiot to buy an iPad in the first place...
  • Ashley M.
    You are all cunts. Posted from my wooden apple iPad.

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