In the shops now! HMV sale means no savings

I haven't swung by HMV for a while, but I recall seeing this type of thing happen in the past. Avid Bitterwallet reader Kirsty and her chum bought a pair a headphones in a sale at the Bullring store in Birmingham, only to discover shortly afterward that she hadn't saved a bean:

Bitterwallet - HMV sales means no saving

General electronic doofery or the curse of having a new sale every other day? You decide. Or, alternatively, don't. Send more, none or less of the same to [email protected]


  • Maude
    [email protected]? Won't that get through to Fat Rik from Pop Idol?
  • merlin
    Careful. If you dare to spot a mistake as soon as an article gets posted all hell breaks loose because the staff at BW Towers can't be bothered to check their copy before posting. Make sure you give Maude both barrels Paul!
    • Andy D.
      Fuck you Merlin, it's Bitterwaller HQ not Bitterwaller Towers. Erm, I mean Bitterwallet.
  • Gadget 4.
    "Make sure you give Maude both barrels Paul" Oooh er missus!
  • Deejay
    HMV use the stupid system of having "normal" stock and "sale" stock. Which means they can have one exact item out on the shelf at two difference prices.
  • Steve J.
    Good day, Please make your weblog more accessable for 'jesusPhones', your posts are amusing. Cheers Steve -------- Written on my iPad
  • Jack
    Great, you never show my submissions though :(, better than this

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