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27 November 2009

Nobody likes to wait for anything these days, but while Bitterwallet reader Gunn assures us he is the patient sort, he's not entirely satisfied with's release schedule:

I think pre-order is a good idea - sometimes you get a good discount if you order early enough. Thing is, this one has a few problems:

  • Will I be at the same address in 11 years time?
  • The credit card/debit card I use to pre-order will have definitely expired by that time
  • What state will the economy be in? Will Blu rays be selling for £1000 - if so, could this be a bargain!?
  • Worst case scenario, I'm not alive to take the delivery
  • Worst still, 2012 passes and the earth explodes

Bitterwallet -


  • Financial S.
    Pretty good concept! However, no retailer is getting my money today! I'm going golfing! whoo hoo!
  • Matt
    Is that like dogging but only in VW's?
  • Bo
    Its probably a mistake...... great film by the way
  • MLBR
    Way to beat inflation!
  • Callum
    Last year Amazon were taking preorders for a boxset with a release date of 2050.
  • Guybrush T.
    In 2020 they'll zap it down your mobile phone straight into your head and you watch it on the inside of your eyelids. Brian told me.
  • pauski
    I don't have 2020 vision - so I think I'll pass on this one.
  • dunfyboy
    The only way the Earth will be destroyed in 2012 is if a giant plot hole eats us. Shit film.
  • bob
    LOL @ bo you muppet

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