Hurry up, man! You've only a day left to win an iPod Touch!

The final hours of our 2nd Birthday competition are ticking down to zero, at which point nothing much will happen; our hangovers have long since cleared up, and now we've stopped splashing about the cash, cake and Carling Black Label, we've lost all our newly-found friends too.

No, wait - there's still the matter of our prizes to award! Hooray! We've three top quality gifts for you to win! Well, two top quality gifts and one from Next:

a 32GB iPod Touch (yes, the new one with all the shiny)

a Kindle 3G

a Next tablet PC

You can find out more about the competition and the rules by reading this post here, and you can see the entries sent so far by visiting our Flickr page. Essentially, all we want you to do is design a birthday card for Bitterwallet and send it to [email protected] (remove the hyphens, you raging buffoons).

Send your entries in a format that we've heard of, like JPEG or PNG, and get your entries in by 5pm tomorrow (Tuesday night). You'll find some small print here if you can be bothered to read it, otherwise enjoy this delightful entry from Mark Walker - another case of shabby food hygiene:

Happy Birthday Bitterwallet!


  • Brad
    Next Tablet = Sinclair C5 A bit shit but if you got given one you be well pleased.
  • The R.
    I would still like a C5 now.

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