How to protect your Kindle library from Amazon's deleting fingers....

kindleLast week, we heard the worrying tale of a Kindle user who had her entire library deleted by Amazon for reasons that they weren’t prepared to share with her. There was a kind of happy ending as her account was later restored, although Amazon were still tight-lipped as to why it all happened.

If you’ve built up a large collection of ebooks from the Kindle Store and are worried that it could all be wiped away in the blink of an eye for any reason that Amazon see fit, you might be keen to learn how you can save those digital books.

Yes, you can strip away the DRM and save the books to a hard drive or somewhere where Amazon can’t remotely wipe them, BUT it’s almost certainly in contravention of Amazon’s Kindle terms and conditions and it might not work for every one of your books.

If you fancy having a fiddle with some DRM and protecting your ebooks, here's how (this is the Mac version)…

1: Download Calibre (available for OS X, Windows, and Linux). It's a "free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books."

2: Download the DeDRM plugin and unzip it. It's the piece of code that cracks Amazon’s DRM scheme. After you've installed Calibre, open its Preferences (under the File menu) and click on 'Plugins' and then, 'Load plugin from file' before choosing the K4MobileDRM plugin’s zip file—it’s a zipped file inside of the DeDRM zipped file you downloaded. Don’t decompress this second file.

(For Windows users: you might also need to install both Python and the PyCrypto precompiled binary in order to be able to decrypt some e-books. Get Python here, and get the matching version of PyCrypto from here (either 2.7 or 3.3, for 32-bit or 64-bit Windows, whichever is appropriate).

3: Download Kindle for Mac (or the Windows/Linux equivalent), and connect it to your Amazon account. Download all your e-books (they're in 'Archived Items' in the top left of the app. Once done, your 'Archived Items' count will change to zero and 'Downloaded Items' should show a number greater than zero.

4: Open up ~/Library/Containers/ Support/Kindle/My Kindle Content/. (this requires you to find the Library file found under the "username" directory).

5: Drag the .azw files (each Kindle e-book) into Calibre.

6: Click 'Convert books' in the app’s toolbar. When the 'Bulk Convert' window pops up, make sure that EPUB is selected in the upper right corner of the screen. Then click the third item on the left-hand side, "Page Setup," and configure the output profile to whatever device you want to export. Choose Kindle as the input profile.

7: Click 'OK' to start the conversion. Click on 'Jobs' to check the progress of your conversions. Once they're done, you should have a bunch of sub-folders, organized by author’s name, complete with cover art and a converted file in EPUB format. You can keep them safely on your hard drive or read them in Apple's 'Books'. Or convert them back to MOBI format and put them on your Kindle - you know you've got the backups where Amazon can't delete them for no explainable reason.



  • Seymour
    Or you could give amazon a massive fuck you and just buy your ebooks from an alternative website or, if you're a cunt just go to piratebay and download the 20k books torrent.
  • Russ
    I'm just about to see what I can get for being a cunt
  • Kevin
    They DIDN'T delete the books, The blocked the account so when they lost their kindle they couldn't reload them. Totally different thing :P
    Iv'e been a cunt for years that's why I keep getting my posts onto the wrong subject but seriously folks I'm a big fan TPB and was of Demoniod till those Obama arse lickers in the Ukraine pulled the plug but never mind the Torrent Genie is out of the bottle and they wont get it back in. I you use TPB dont forget to use a VPN.
  • I. F.
    Only cunts use torrents. Proper fuckers use usenet and SSL servers. ;)
  • tin
    or you could BUY the book THEN download the fucker off torrent to have it on your kindle. Then you're not a cunt and it will also confuse the fuck out of those who come after you for pirating something you already bought.

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