How much would you pay for Samsung's Galaxy Tab?

27 September 2010

Bitterwallet - Samsung Galaxy TabSo last week we pulled apart the proposed pricing for the Galaxy Tab, the new 7" table from Samsung that was launched three weeks ago and goes on sale on 1 November. The current asking price for the £600 for the gadget, while the company's RRP is £800 - pricing it far beyond the asking price of the iPad, robbing Apple haters of their crutch of pissing and moaning about high prices.

It left many avid readers scratching their heads. Several of you suggested Samsung were indulging in marketeering brinkmanship that would ultimately see them clean up - let's hope so, because according to Silicon Republic, Samsung are confidently predicting sales of 10 million Galaxy Tab devices in the first year alone. To put that in perspective, Apple are also hoping to sell around 10 million iPads in their first year. So why do Samsung - who have neither the profile nor first mover advantage of Apple - expect to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them?

Two good reasons, perhaps - Apple has done everybody a favour by spending hundreds of millions promoting the concept of tablet computing to the mainstream audience; other manufacturers don't necessarily have to educate customers about what a tablet is, just why theirs is worth buying - and as we've said in the past, we wouldn't need much convincing. There's also the fact that the Galaxy Tab won't be sold like an iPad; it'll be sold like an iPhone - mainly through the service providers, on contract. All four major carriers in the US have announced they will carry the device, so while only Vodafone have announced they will offer the Galaxy Tab in the UK from launch, they're unlikely to be alone.

The question of whether Samsung will sell 10 million units in a year therefore comes down to how much the service providers intend to charge for the hardware. In order to sell high volumes, £600 needs to be the contract-free price, with carriers offering a significant subsidy on the device,  subject to a 18 or 24 month contracts. In order to crack 10 million, you'd reckon on Samsung needing that price to be around the £300 mark with some very modest (£10 to £20) monthly tariffs - that feels like the sort of pricing that would open up the market.

So it's likely the £600 price tag currently slapped on the Galaxy Tab what you'll pay for your unlocked unit, and while it'll be marketed as a tablet, it'll be sold like a phone to achieve volume. Whether it'll be subsidised to a point that it'll be bought in iPad-type quantities - it still feels unlikely, but ultimately  it'll be down to the service carriers.

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  • -]
    £350 and not a penny more.
  • tin
    Surely the mobile operators love that they don't have to subsidise a piece of hardware for once?
  • Codify
    Don't understand the point of having this tied to a phone contract. It'd be a much more reasonable proposition if it were just Wifi, and linked to something like BT Openzone to allow portable internets
  • Stu
    Agreed every one who would get this probably already has a phone contract circa £35 a month then get this for another outlay of £200 and ANOTHER £35 a month for 24 months... forget it
  • Loch M.
    I'd pay about three fiddy.
  • RichardRambles
    Given that the Galaxy S Phone is currently around £420 sim-free, it would be a little daft to think that this will be cheaper.
  • klingelton
    These are a fad and won't last. They're pointless and people will realise that. regards to the people taking out mobile contracts with this hardware - how many dumb fucks you work with do you know that have taken out mobile broadband with "free" laptops for £45 a month? exactly. quite a few. People will do what other people tell them.
  • greg
    mark my words, i'm not an iPad lover, but this thing will not even begin to make a dent in iPad sales. Apple have nothing to worry about
  • ButterMan
    But Apple stuff is overpriced! Everyone ever keeps telling me this! Turns out, not so much. Fucktards. As for a £600 device (technically £800) costing £300 on a £10/24m contract, good luck with that... You're only paying £240 for the contract and you want £300 off the asking price? DOES NOT COMPUTE. As someone touched on up there, a Galaxy S costs around £350 trade, so add £200 to that and redo your sums.
  • Brian's U.
    why not get a laptop for that price. don't drink the kool-aid kids!
  • tin
    to be fair, for some (like me) tablets are ace - so that argument aside, I just can't see someone forking out iPad money for not-an-iPad
  • ButterMan
    Why not get a SPEAK N SPELL and 50 crates of Carling instead?
  • hippy1001
    To me the samsung galaxy s phone cost alot of money down to its super AMOLED screen which has a high failure rate, small thin light design and new operating system, thus making it more expensive to produce. The galaxy tab on the other hand is just a small tft screen, with similar design structure to its phone counterpart. Nothing too special at all really. The tab even has less mega pixel camera than the phone though the tablet does have the flash. I dont see where the £800 price tag comes from, even the £600 is too much really. With other companies sure to jump on the bandwagon, acer, lenovo, sony and dell there will be an influx of many competing similar spec tables with competative prices.
  • rimmer
    How's about covering the new playbook from Research in Motion. Now that looks like Gucci Kit.
  • -]
    Nobody was commenting on how much it will cost, but on how much we would pay for it (as the question asked). My answer is still £350. That is how much a product like this would be worth to me, and if it costs more I just won't get one. Understand? Simples...
  • Stu
    It's worth no more than £300. The Archos 101 has similar specs but much bigger screen and will be selling for around £250.....
  • person
    Samsung and other phone manufacturers who are bringing out Tablets have really shot themselves in the foot here, as was pointed out earlier there is no way that they would bring out a tablet that is less than their equivalent smartphone, otherwise it makes people question why Smartphones are so expensive! Personally I think a smartphone should cost £200 - £300 sim free and a tablet £300 - £400. Archos has shown this pricing is possible with their newly announced (arguably) underpriced Archos 101 fro £250

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