'How iPads Are Made' - Episode One: How an iPad is made

Ever wondered how an iPad is put together? Move along quietly if you haven’t. If you have, this is for you – footage shot inside the controversial Foxconn factory in China where the gadgets are made. It all seems pretty groovy and there are no worker suicides as far as we can see.

That’s OUR consciences clear then. Ahem….


  • Kevin
    Theres less suicides per working population there than in the average workplace. You employ a large number of people you're going to get x suicide risks, x alcoholics, x drug addicts etc. Look at the NHS, look at the Army etc etc
  • Jeremy
    No one looks very happy -you'd think they would be ecstatic at the chance to touch i-things. I've seen more people smiling in the local supermarket.
  • zax
    Foxconn don't ONLY make iPad! They also make motherboards, graphics cards, etc. and USB ports. Yes, every motherboard , even the high-end ones have Foxconn engraved on their USB 2.0 back ports.
  • Capability B.
    Where are the child workers then?
  • Fantastic F.
    Where are the foxes ? I would expect foxes in a foxconn.
  • Boris
    There are no foxes Mr Fox; hence the 'con' part of their name. Sneaky fuckers.
  • Fantastic F.
    what a swizz!
  • shoplifter
    Boris.... Is it right your scared of chickens......not foxes http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/video/2012/jan/26/boris-johnson-chased-chicken-video
  • heywood_jablome
    Did I miss the bit where the wizard puts the magic inside ?
  • Phil
    heywood - No they just keep Steve Jobs coffin buried under the factory to imbued ever one with a bit Jobs magic powers.
  • Nick S.
    Much better than third world Britain where the young get work experience stacking shelves in Tesco with no job rotation.
  • You
    @Nick S I worked in Morrisons stacking shelves while i was at college. It was a right laugh, so I dont know what your problem is. Sitting on your arse watching Jeremy Kyle all day doesn't mean youre too good for shelf stacking
  • Me
    I worked at Foxconn bumming convicted Foxes when I was at college. It was a right laugh, so I don't know what a condom is. Sitting on your arse watching Jeremy Paxman all day doesn’t mean you're too good for Fox Bumming
  • You
  • Wonkey H.
    @Me Pics or it didn't happen.
  • Mike H.
    And where the fuck's the fucking story about Apple being sued by the US for price fixing eBooks for the fucking iPad? Surely that's more relevent for a consumer website than a fucking story about how the fucking iPad is fucking made? Tit heads!
  • Boris
    Coffin pie?
  • The B.
    I worked in Waitrose and ASDA when I was a student, bizarrely, ASDA was the better employer, we used to time and third for late nights and Saturdays and double bubble for Sundays (although that was only anyone on a pre-Sunday trading contract). I bet that's all changed now they're controlled by Walmart.
  • David
    This is an obvious hoax - they did one with eggs in China a few years ago. The iPad is not made - it's Magical, remember?
  • Mary H.
    Yeah? Well I worked down the mines when I was a student, 23 hour days, 7 days a week, no lunch, no breaks nothing. Beat that!
  • Me
    @Wonkey Henry I posted a video on youtube. Just search for 'Jeremy Paxman Bumming Foxes'.
  • The T.
    We don't believe you Mary Hinge.
  • You
    @Mary Hinge 23 hours a day means you had a full hour off for lunch - talk about an easy life. Your story just doesnt add up.
  • shoplifter
    mary mary your so contrary...now fuck off
  • Shaniaa
    aw ma local brighthouse doesnt sell ipads.. :(
  • Mary H.
    30 minute walk to work, 30 minute walk home. You fucking cretins.
  • shoplifter
    Boris Still waiting for your chicken answer... chicken
  • shoplifter
    Shaniaa...no worries can do you a ipad at 1735..apr over 3 years plus insurance
  • Boris
    What was the chicken question? My mind is full of running London stuf so I forget things easily just like Tony Blair!
  • Gwen S.
    The chicken question ? ? Was it chicken in a can (c - h - i - c - k - e - n)
  • Boris
    I have never touched a chicken 'in the can'. Sounds like a typical Red Ken smear. I won't lower myself to his cloaca sniffing standards.
  • Gav
    "The average age runs from 18 to 25". It's good to know that the Americans are as good at maths (not math!) as they are at geography.

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