HotUKDeals Of The New Year's Eve

hukd_logob1 As a special treat/cruel and unusual punishment, it’s True Or False New Year’s Eve, yet another chance for you to pit your wits against our tricky bargain-related statements that may or not be true or… false!

The bargains are from HotUKDeals and are all undoubtedly true. As for the accompanying factoids, you’ll never know… unless you look at the bottom of the post for the answer.

570038THE DEAL:  A one-year Merlin annual pass for a whole host of theme parks and attractions – only £75 but you must be able to collect it from London.

TRUE OR FALSE?  You can’t just collect this from anywhere in London, but from a specific location. In case you’re wondering, that location is Hedge 8 in Area B.

570046THE DEAL:  A box of 40 Duracell Plus high power alkaline batteries for only £12.79 – that’s less than 32p per battery.

TRUE OR FALSE?  If the power in the batteries sold in the UK in 2009 was harnessed, it would be sufficient to blast the country out of its foundations and send it circling Neptune eight times. Scientists don’t know what would happen after that.

554017THE DEAL:  T-Mobile 120 USB Pay As You Go dongle – just £8.49 delivered. Aggravating mobile broadband on the hoof.

TRUE OR FALSE?  You can’t use a dongle in the jungle.

(deals found by HUKD members L0oser, pedroman and whizzkid)

TRUE OR FALSE? All statements are… FALSE!

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  • Junkyard
    FALSE?!? So I CAN use a dongle in the jungle? You guarantee I'll get a signal? And I can collect my Merlin pass from anywhere in London that I fancy? And all the batteries... oh never mind. Happy new year and all that bollocks.

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