HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 9th June

hukd_logob1 Here’s your daily dose of beautiful bargains – today we’ve got some very affordable envelopes, a bet that you can’t lose and a portable DVD player that might be too cheap to turn down.

It’s all courtesy of the good folk at HotUKDeals – take a trip over to the site where there’s plenty more of the same…

695968Even though we exist in a modern era of emails and Gmails, there’s still room for good old-fashioned snail mail – even if it does cost actual money for envelopes and postage and that.

Here’s a way to keep snail mail alive and save yourself a few pennies at the same time. Get yourself a 5-pack of pre-paid first class envelopes for only £1.50, down from the usual £3.80. That’s an envelope and pre-paid postage for just 30p a go. Better still, they are being reported as scanning at the till at 75p for the 5-pack, which makes the deal 17.5p a go. Huzzah!

billIf you’re looking to spatter away some of your cash by gambling furiously during the forthcoming World Cup, you could do worse than have a practice with an online bookie that will pay out if you win and give you your money back if you lose.

The hot favourite at HUKD at the moment sees you get your money back if you place a losing bet of up to £20.00. If you win, you win, as per usual. So there’s really nothing to lose. Our tip of the day? USA to beat England on Saturday. At about 6/1, it’s well worth a punt.

696029Finally today, a cheap-as-muck portable DVD player that also doubles as a digital photo frame. With its 9-inch screen, if you’re with someone who is a bit thick or has cataracts, you could easily pass this off as one of those newfangled iPads that the kids are all going on about.

It’s got a not-so-shabby screen resolution of 640 x 234 and, it could be yours for only £33.99. At the time of writing, there were 975 of them in stock, so you might just get one if you hurry!

(deals found by HUKD members mac-d, andywedge and tronic)

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  • Andy W.
    "Our tip of the day? USA to beat England on Saturday. At about 6/1, it’s well worth a punt." Welsh are we?

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