HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 4th February

Now then boys and girls, I want you all to join hands and make a circle. That’s it, nice and big, don’t forget to let those nice, shy boys and girls from HotUKDeals join in too.

Right, now we’re going to do the Hokey Cokey! Actually, sod it, let’s just have a look at some bargains instead.

Their customer services skills are almost universally loathed, but sit back and smile because Orange are expanding their wildly successful ‘Orange Wednesdays’ erm… thing.

Not content with banging out discounted cinema tickets to their customers, the brightly-coloured telephonetic giants are throwing in a meal deal at Pizza Express too. Find out how and maybe even why here…
(deal found by JFO1976)

If you’re unsure as to whether there’s more nutritional value in a bowl of Frosties than a pizza, now is the time to make the comparison without shelling out too much coin. 80p will get you a 500g box of the delicious breakfast treat (no sarcasm here – we don’t care how old you are, they’rrrre grrrrrrreaaaaat!)

You wouldn’t be so keen if we passed on some of the stories we’ve heard about Tony the Tiger over the years though. Owing to legal laws and the fact that, well, he’s a fucking tiger, we’re not planning to repeat them here in a hurry.
(deal found by michael mcnally)

Finally, here’s an oddity.  A set of earphones from Poundland with a double jack. Meaning that you and a loved one can listen to Barry White at a kidney-frazzling volume on Valentines Day without upsetting your curmudgeonly, lonely neighbour.

Speaking personally, the last time I bought a pair of earphones from Poundland was in an emergency about three years ago. Two minutes later they were lying at the bottom of a street bin. Hopefully the technology has improved since then.
(deal found by holly100)

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  • pip
    Who wouldn't enjoy texting for a orange wednesday deal, whilst eating some well nutritious frosties (theiiiir great), and listening to......omg did you say Barry White - this picture is soooo wrong.

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