HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 29th June

hukd_logob1 Back like Shakin’ Stevens, it’s your daily round up of all that’s lovely in the world of bargain-spotting. There’s a new bog, an invisible sweatband, a kids tent, a bag of diamonds, and that Kinect thing today. And if that doesn’t urge you to read on and find out how much, if any of that is true, then we’re Shakin’ Stevens.

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967443_1For some of us, buying a new toilet can be as regular a task as buying a pair of socks. Only more expensive and with more heavy lifting. But it doesn’t need to be any more expensive than buying a pair of socks.

That is if the socks are going to cost you £39.99. Because, you’ve guessed it, that’s the low, low price you can get a toilet for today. Hopefully it won’t be a low, low toilet – them things is uncomfortable.

967476_1If you find that you do have a low, low toilet and that you’re needing some extra privacy surrounding your special toilet time, you might want to invest in this next one – it’s a children’s play tent and this one is in the popular Spiderman flavour.

Simply cut a hole in the back of it before you install your new toilet and hey presto, you’ve got yourself a tiny toilet tent. And you’ll have paid only £4.99 for it - £10 less than the RRP.

964406_1Finally, we return to the Xbox Kinect thing which has come down in price again and is currently available for £80.99 – you’ll get the sensor and the Kinect Adventures game for your eighty-one squits.

We’re not really sure what else we can add because we’ve featured the Kinect thing here so many times, so instead, we’re imagining eighty-one mermaids riding eighty-one unicorns around an eighty-one feet squared field made out of a carpet of stardust. Mmmmm….

(deals found by HUKD members rsb13, wishihadadonkey and simate)

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