HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 29th July

We'll be honest with you - we can just about get away with anything on Bitterwallet, so long as it's vaguely consumer-related.

The new Tron Legacy trailer is in no way consumer-related, but that hasn't stopped Vince creaming his pants over it since it was unveiled at Comic Con earlier in the week.

We'd love to sneak it in here, but there's simply no editorial justification whatsoever, meaning we have little choice but to bring you more outstanding deals from HotUKDeals instead.

Cacking hell, just look at this! An Apple Macbook Pro 13" 2.26GHz, 2GB, 160GB for just £827.99 at Dixons! We haven't a clue what any of those numbers mean except for the important one - the price! That's over £70 cheaper than Apple!

Over here! If the kids have already watched the Monster Inc DVD you bought yesterday and are threatening to rip your face clean off your head, then settle them down with the High School Musical 2 Disc Remix Edition DVD for a microscopic £3 at Morrisons! Zack! The girlfriend! The other two! The lesbian songwriter! The afro dude! The end.

And fans of petrol-powered foliage-trimming paraphernalia - your luck's in. It's only a bloody Silverline 26cc Petrol Line Trimmer for just £29.99 at Toolstation! And it's has free next-day delivery! HotUKDeals member Cleudo reports he's "been round the garden with it - works great!" Good times, Cleudo. What's more, Amazon will sting you for £95.47. Boom!

That's a good deal of good deals. To celebrate, here's that trailer for Tron Legacy we have no good business showing you:

(Today's deals found by HUKD members Dreamer08, Charlie23 and Cleudo)


  • Mike E.
    The Mrs likes her bush strimmed, sorry luv?... oh sorry, strummed...
  • Simon
    holy shit, a good sentence about Dixons?

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