HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 29th April

If you’re the type of person who enjoys a daily round up of the newest and best bargains that seems to be getting later and later every day and isn’t as funny as it used to be (if it ever was), this could be the post for you.

There’s something for everyone today – assuming everyone enjoys dongles, childbirth and naughty costumes. Yep, that’s everyone alright. Thanks as ever to HotUKDeals for… well, the deals.

If you’re the type who needs to get on the world wide webbernaut at inopportune moments and in far flung locations, this could be the deal for you. Alternatively, if you’re the type who enjoys flouting the word ‘dongle’ around in mixed company, this could also be for you.

It’s a 3 mobile broadband pay as you go dongle – just jam it in the appropriate hole in your laptop and away you go – for an initial outlay of as little as just £8.99. Dongle away soldier, dongle away.

If you’re the type of person who has suddenly and unexpectedly given birth to a human baby and you don’t have anything to feed it from (other than your god-given dugs of course), this could be the deal for you.

It’s a baby bottle starter set, complete with bottles, teats, lids and some kind of brush, which we can only assume is for scrubbing the baby when it gets poop on itself. Fill your boots you young, surprised new mums, for just £10.

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t want a baby but is thoroughly keen on the whole baby-making process, you can now spice up what we know can often be a dull and laborious exercise.

All you need is this – a Miss Massage uniform, replete with a little hat and a zip that doesn’t know when to quit. Yours for a eye-watering £15. First poster to leave the comment, ‘Does the girl come with it?’ will be personally dealt with by our Susan Boyle lookalike massage/light assault team.

(deals found by pinky8, lucerysmum and rainbow123)


  • Mike H.
    Does the girl come with it Andrew? Bring on da bitches, I'm all stiff and need to be massaged, will they ask if there will be anything else? Cause I could do with a brew...
  • Adam2050
    Man deals are slow atm.
  • antony w.
    Well I bought a dongle from 3 a few months ago, cost around £50. I checked that I could unlock it and the salesman said "yes, call customer service". But I did, and I can't. Then I asked if I could use it in Europe. It seems3 had a system called "3 Like Home" and in certain countries you can use the dongle with no roaming fees. Whoopee! But it didn't work in Italy. I emailed the call center (India of course, polite but useless). After 4 months of emails and calls, I finally got a man that told me I needed to use a different APN for roaming! (its in case you need it). Now the story gets worse. I visited the shop I bought the dongle in yesterday (in Banbury UK) and they said 3 is going to withdraw the '3 Like Home' service from July 2009. So i have no unloaked dongle, and no roaming service and no compensation. Just £50 gone, whiz bang.
  • Mrs P.
    I have found in my bank statement today that your company Dixons have been taking out Over £4 pounds each month since 2008 according to my bank. I am upset by this as my husband has passed away and i myself am disabled. i am disapointed that i was not informed that Dixons shops are not now operating, I wish to request that my money is refunded to me, as it is now 2011. I would appreciate an answer to this very upsetting situation.

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