HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 25th May

hukd_logob1 Word has reached us that Barack Obama will be taking a break from the Downing Street barbecue right now as he is keen to find out what the best bargains have been in the past 24 hours on HotUKDeals.

But unlike David Cameron and the entire Republic of Ireland, we’re not interested in sucking up to this busted flush of a President. So none of the stuff is particularly aimed at him.

944543_1We begin with some good, hearty fare that is probably more tasty than any muck served up by Cameron and his team of highly-paid catering staff in the back garden of number 10 so-called Downing Street.

We speak of course of a cheeseburger and chips, laid out on a plate for you in your local branch of the globally-popular Yates’ Wine Lodge. You’ll even get a boozy or soft drink thrown and it’s all yours for just £3.00.

944975_1If your local branch happens to be in Blackburn then you could use your cheeseburger and chips as a pre-match meal before taking in the latest display of footballing excellence by the town’s ‘Rovers’ footerball side.

You’ll probably need a time machine mind you, as the offer on offer is for a season ticket for The Blackburn Rovers for season number 2011/12, which doesn’t commence until August. BUT, the season ticket is just £225 for an adult and £85 for a child. Up The Rovers! Into the nets with it!

944742_1Finally, we bring you the iPod Touch. To the untrained eye, it might seem like an iPhone. And in a way, it is. Except it doesn’t have the ability to make phone calls. But if you’re in the same room as the person you want to call, hey presto, you’ve only got yourself an iPhone!

So what are we offering here? It’s an 8GB iPod Touch (4th gen) with a free FM iPod dock chucked in as well – which would normally go for £39.97 on its own. All yours for only £149.00 There you have it – a big fat bargain. So get stuck in.

(deals found by HUKD members lucerysmum, nellybc and lind3e)


  • Sawyer
    Hate to rain on your product link parade, but there isn't a Yates' in Blackburn. Nice try though.
  • Barack O.
    Rovers?? I ain't no Rovers fan -- I'm Trotters all the way, goddamn cracker mo'fo.
  • Kim
    why has it got a pic of fish and chips when its talking about burger and chips! lol

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