HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 24th November

hukd_logob1 What have we got in our big bag of bargainy shizzle for you 'orrible lot today then? More than you deserve that’s for sure. But just like all classic abusive relationships, we still love you and we’ll always forgive you.

Do you speak to your mother with that mouth? Would you speak to HotUKDeals like that? Exactly.

808480_1A close friend of Bitterwallet has a love/hate relationship with the iPad. He played with one in an Apple Store the other week, actually cuddling it as he picked it up, and LOVED everything about it. Sadly, he HATES the fact that he hasn’t got one and can’t afford one.

But all that could change for him (we'll call him 'Andy Dawson') as there’s a bit of a discount up for grabs on the old iPad at the moment – with anything from between £54-£89 off the RRP of one if you’re prepared to push the right buttons and jump through the appropriate hoops.

808001_1Next, more electronic gadget-based fun for you thrusting young children of this, the Leisure Age. In case you hadn’t figured it out from that sentence, OF COURSE we’re talking about a 12-month Xbox Live Gold membership card.

You can bag yourself one of these beauties and set yourself up for a whole year of (I’ll finish off this bit when I’ve done some research and find out what the fuck it all means, okay?) for the bargain price of just £29.97. We think you’ll agree that’s a miniscule price to pay for so much (whatever the thing that is actually is)

travelodgeFinally, a great offer if you’re looking to take a break from it all and wallow in a bargain-priced hotel room for a day or two. Imagine it - you, a few cans of Stella, a bucket of takeaway chicken and some DVDs. Living. The. Dream.

You can do that for as little as just £10 per night, when the latest Travelodge sale starts tomorrow. AND, it gives us another chance to trot out our picture of a giant stuffed toy giraffe lurking outside a Travelodge. Oh, he looks SO good enough to stroke…

(deals found by HUKD members davidmaiden18183, scottishgirl87 and nicster08)

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  • blagga
    Aaaah, the giraffe. Still one of my favourite mockups of all time. That and the Ryanair/Easyjet rocket shoot-up.

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