HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 22nd October


Some of the very finest pure bargains for you today. No messing about with fancy gadgetry that costs a three-figure sum – we’re talking about stuff you can get with cash you’ve just found down the back of the sofa. All courtesy of the guys and the gals from HotUKDeals.


First up, there’s a big 20p sale coming to a Superdrug near you. A mole going by the name of ‘llyyrem’ has inside info and is sharing it over at HUKD. Gels, foams, roll-ons and razors - take your pic, it'll all make you look and smell better and instant happiness is guaranteed.

The offer has already started in some stores today, but it seems as though it’s being rolled out slowly depending on how arsed the staff are about getting it going. More info at HUKD.

(Deal found by llyyrem)


Next, and as David Beckham seems set to move to AC Milan, you can go bowling for just 0.00009091% of what GoldenBalls earns in a day. What’s the connection? There isn’t one; it’s just a freaky stat we fancied throwing out at you.

Back to the bowling – you can enjoy a game at your local Hollywood Bowl for just 1p, providing you’re happy with the terms and conditions. Which probably include ‘don’t make off with the cool although odd-smelling shoes.’ Microchip alarms to prevent bowling shoe theft, now that’s a product the world needs. But we digress.

(Deal found by gary_rip)


If you don’t want to leave the house or just fancy some cheap sofa-bound entertainment instead, we’ve got some ropey DVD bollocks that you can snaffle for just £1.99. There’s a choice between the once-great Eddie Murphy as he talks to the animals in the just-about-passable Dr. Dolittle and the DVD game of The Price Is Right featuring squeaky-voiced funnyman Joe Pasquale.

It never really worked for Joe after he won I’m A Celebrity did it? Maybe the public thought they were voting for him to stay in the jungle forever…
(Deals found by amibees & billbennett1)

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  • Elly J.
    Lindsay should to be performing more than 90 days in prison, anything much less and I believe is to total insult on the legal system. Lindsay is already getting off totally free just mainly because she's a superstar. It completely sends a harmful message, in particular on the kids that idolize her as a role model. I'm reading now that she will most likely only wind up serving fourteen days of her 90 day sentence. I guess driving while plastered is not really so poor after all- the things these the famous people get away with is so unfair.

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