HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 20th April

hukd_logob1 It’s late but it’s still great – it’s Deals Of The Day. There’s still time to fork out a load of money for some stuff that you don’t need before you go to bed. So what are you waiting for?

All ‘stuff’ is courtesy of HotUKDeals.

923741_1We’re all sick and tired of our computer keyboards aren’t we? You probably wake up every morning with knots in your shoulders, all tensed up from the frustration from having to use that same old keyboard YET AGAIN. It’s little wonder that the Samaritans are still in business.

Why not lift that gloom and splash out on a brand new keyboard. Try the Samsung Pleomax K-300 multimedia keyboard for only £6.00. Apparently, it’s slim and ergonomic and is almost 100% guaranteed not to drive you to self-harm and/or suicide. Bonus!

923490_1Now on to an unbeatable Blu-ray box set offer. Unbeatable if your idea of the best Blu-ray box set in the world is the Alien one. Which for us, it definitely is. The fact that it’s only £19.98 can only be some kind of bonus.

There’s six discs in total and as well as TWO versions of all (insert number of Alien films here) Alien films, you’ll also get a whole bundle of mind-numbingly extra and stuff about stuff that happened and things they did and that.

923540_1Finally, today’s best bargain game. Wow - if you’re one of the thousands of Deals Of The Day completists who buy everything we recommend, we estimate that you’ll now have a collection of over 17,192 games. Amazing scenes.

The latest addition to your arsenal of digital fun is Fight Night Champion, which you can get for the Xbox 360 for the blam-azing price of only £18.99. If you’re of the PS3 kind of persuasion, you can get it for that console for also only £18.99. Unless we’re mistake, that’s the same price.

(deals found by HUKD members martinnelsen, Dhiraj1, omisnad and ganticus)

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