HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 14th April

hukd_logob1 Phew, it’s late, so let’s cut the flim-flam and crack on with the best of today’s bargains from HotUKDeals…

Here’s a beautiful thing – a Samsung S2 500GB portable hard drive, but with a twist. It’s a commemorative Michael Jackson product and comes pre-loaded with his phenomenal ‘This Is It’ cinematic death march on it. All for only £54.99 delivered.

656198Of course, we can only speculate as to what Wackson Jackson used to have pre-loaded on his own personal hard drive, but this could act as a major investment – if you turn up on a futuristic episode of Antiques Roadshow and find out it’s worth £1 million, we’ll assume you got the tip from us.

656153Next comes another bundle of scarcely-believable nonsense – the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. A Blu-ray box containing all the adventures of Gollum, Lofty, Maggie T, Inch and Wolfboy. Superb.

It’s only £29.97 at the moment, less than a tenner a film and there’s possible Quidco cashback. How can you say no? Apart from, you know, just saying no.

656203Finally, and quickly, because none of us have got much time to spare to read this, let alone cook, here’s a heads-up that M&S are reviving their ‘2 Dine For £10’ shenanigans for a few days.

It runs from tomorrow (Thursday) until next Tuesday and your choice of mains include Oakham Medium Chicken, Ginger Lime & Coriander Chicken, Moroccan Chicken Tagine and Bombay Melting Middle Crispbake for the veggies. Bon appétit. And that.

(deals found by HUKD members gadget1, CCFC_Nick and thegrouch)


  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. I can't wait until Fridays "True or False".
  • parpparp
    This release of Lord of the Rings doesn't include the extended versions. Once again the publishers are attempting to fleece fans by delaying the release of the extended versions in the hope that people will pay twice. The buggers don't plan on releasing the full versions until 2011/2012. Besides £10 for a film on Blu Ray is hardly earth shattering.

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