HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 28th October

Hey - let’s go on a journey! A journey signposted by bargains on a road littered with hundreds upon hundreds of saved pounds. Your guides are the sharp-eyed sherpas from HotUKDeals. Riders ready, pedals ready… GO!

The price of petrol has dropped lately but there’s no guarantee it’ll get any lower, and the smart money is on another increase in the not-too-distant future. So what to do in these trying economic times? Follow Norman Tebbit’s sound advice and get on your bike.

Can’t afford a bike? You bloody can now. Have a look at the government’s Cycle To Work scheme. You can make massive tax-free savings on new bikes, as well as sucking in the smog on the way to work instead of producing it.

As you embark on your new, healthier-yet-potentially-deadlier lifestyle, you’ll need to keep a keen eye on the time. You’re not as fit as you were and it could well take you a couple of hours to pedal to the office. Don’t forget to factor in a couple of short breaks so that you can throw up into a bush.

Adorn your wrist with a seriously-reduced watch made by Accurist, Sekonda or Pierre Cardin. There’s 70% off the RRPs – follow the cycle-lane link to find out how you can get one wrapped around your paw. We've just ordered one and we're now staring at a naked wrist with no idea when it'll arrive.

But most importantly of all, you need to keep yourself hydrated while you’re pedalling your way into a premature grave. You can comfortably achieve this by tying a five-litre bottle of water on to your back – and for only 26p!

The added weight will make you think as though you’re riding around with a dead dog on your back and considerably increase your journey time, so you’ll definitely need that reliable new watch. But at least you won't go thirsty.

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