HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 28th April

As Swine Flu sweeps the world, and sales of wet wipes and disposable door handles go through the roof, we feel it’s our duty to help you fight the latest plague… while saving yourself a few quid at the same time.

Here’s some offers we’ve found over at HotUKDeals that can help you get through this. Don’t worry – the site has been sterilised from head to toe and we’re writing this while wearing a series of gas masks.

We’re kicking off today with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones that you can wear in order to help you block out all talk of the Swine Flu pandemic – while you be-bop and scat your way through the crisis by listening to cool jazz and that.

They’re the superior Goldring NS1000 and they’ll block out whistling, rattling, hammering, snoring and over 150,000 different types of everyday bullshit. They normally retail for over £100 but we can point you at a pair for the knock-down price of just £54.40.

Next comes the Graco Junior Maxi car booster seat, on offer for only £25.00 at the moment... and we’re pretty certain that every seat comes free from Swine Flue, Sars, Bird Flu and Beri Beri… for now.

If we had one, we’d be hauling our asses up a tree with one, sitting in it and staying there until this whole swine-flavoured nonsense is over. But how would we survive we hear you ask – simple, we’d just go on and on about it on Twitter assume people would bring us food and that.

Finally, you can keep germ-free by devoting yourself to a life behind closed doors. Get your groceries delivered by your supermarket of choice (disinfecting each item once you receive it) and stay in watching this exceptional television set.

It’s the Pioneer 60" PDP-LX6090 and they say it’s the world’s best TV. It had better be for two reasons. One, we’re spending the next three-to-five years cooped up in BWHQ using it as one of our few links with the outside world. Two, it costs £3195 – although that’s about £800 cheaper than other sources. See you later! About five years later

(deals found by duckmagicuk2, mekon and RoBad)

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  • Mike H.
    A TV for £3125? Recession? What recession, and who gives a shit if I lose the house, just let me keep my £3125 TV

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