HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 27th September

new hukd logo Today’s round-up of blinding bargains covers every single age of mankind – from the computing age all the way back the stately home age, and nowhere in between. Stopping off at HotUKDeals, to gather up the actual bargains.

1025125_1The tablet is the modern miracle of portable computing but let’s face it, it’s normally a bit pricey for what is basically a posh calculator. But for some folks, that’s part of the appeal.

Not us – we like our technology cheap. That’s why were salivating over the refurbished Advent Vega tablet that is only £139.63. And as for the other one, the one that only costs £39.66, well we’re practically wetting ourselves over it.

1024821_1One of the best things about the tablet computers is the complete eradication of the wretched mouse, that computing throwback that we all hope will be obsolete sooner rather than later.

So who wants a FREE MOUSE then? Hell yeah! Well you can get the highly-rated Logitech M305 (Red Tendrills) mouse for nothing whenever you make a £20 purchase from Logitech. The thing normally RRPs for £29.99 so they’re practically paying you to have it! Or something!

1024979_1Enough of this gobbledegook about the modern world and its modern ways. Let’s return to the world of nature, fresh air, stone, wood, brick, leaves, poo and wee. Ahhh, that’s better.

For the relatively small outlay of only £1.20, you could be in possession of a free National Trust family pass worth £30. It’s only valid for this weekend but let’s face it, after this weekend, it’s going to be far too cold to go anywhere. Get out there while you can.

(deals found by HUKD members topazz, laltufan, andywedge and lucerysmum)

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