HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 22nd March

hukd_logob1 Are you the kind of person who is on the lookout for bargain-priced tablet computing, cheap meat and one of the greatest chocolate bars know to humankind? We sort of knew you were.

Come hither and feast your eyebollocks on this lot then – all courtesy of HotUKDeals...

903601_1What are you having for tea? Something cheap and cheerful, given the current catastrophic economic climate? Spam trousers? Baked beans on cocktail sticks? Fried pizza shop menus? Pretty grim isn’t it?

But it needn’t be. That’s because you could be feasting on rump steak instead, without spanking the living daylights out of your bank balance. It can be had for only £5.74 per kg at the moment. That’s livin’ alright!

903666_1Thinking about getting yourself one of them fancy iPad 2 thingies but are concerned that, well, they’re ridiculously overpriced? Yeah us too. There has to be something that’s almost the same but thunderously cheaper, surely?

Try this bad-ass tablet for size. It’s a 7” multi-touch screen device running Google Android 2.2 with WiFi, HDMi, a camera, SDHC and USB input and probably a picture of a cat licking its paws on the front as well. Awwww... cute. Best of all, it’s yours for only £123.78. Or maybe you could wait on the iPad 3 and pay a billion pounds...

903534_1Finally, something that’s way cheaper than a so-called tablet computer and, unlike the rump steak, suitable for vegetarians. It’s also a design classic of the 20th Century, up there with the Rolls Royce, the deckchair and Ziggy Stardust’s hair.

We speak of course of the Cadbury’s Wispa. Fortunately, it tastes fucking great as well and we’re proud to be able to tell you that you can bag a four-pack of the beautiful little buggers for only £1.00. Yes, that’s 25p a pop. And they’re waiting until the royal wedding before they have street parties?

(deals found by HUKD members ancachirosca, reesycer and fish1234567)

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