HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 20th April

hukd_logob1 As the rhyme says, Tuesday’s child is full of grace. Tuesday’s child has also been following the advice of HotUKDeals and is now full of muffins, cider and is half-alive on the sofa, gawping at a posh DVD.

Read on to see how you can become more like the jammy little bastard that is Tuesday’s child…

660095First up, a tasty treat for you to ram in your gob area. Soft, fluffy, sugary and disgustingly moreish, we speak of course about a four-pack of large muffins – and right now they’re yours for only £1.00.

They come in an assortment of types, styles and types of styles, including blueberry, double choc, choc chip and banoffee, a scrumptious mix of Banyan tree and coffee. Mmmm – you can really taste the Banyan tree….

660450Next, if you’re anything like us, or to be more accurate, dead actor Oliver Reed, why not wash down your muffins with a few pints of delicious, refreshing cider? Glug glug, burp, barf, eek.

The cider in question is English-style Bulmers and you can nab eight pint-sized bottles of the boozy apple pear juice for a mere £5.00. So that’s eight pints of cider and four muffins so far for just £6.00 – time for a sit down.

660399While sitting down, if you’re well enough to be conscious, you could think about watching some DVDs, or as they’re better known now, Blu-rays. Due to your ‘sensitive’ state following the ingestion of the muffins and the cider, you’ll be needing something soothing to watch, to help take away the badness.

With that in mind, we can offer you the complete set of Band Of Brothers for just £16.19 – but there’s quite a lot of war and bloodshed in that so it might not be perfect. Why not try District 9 instead – only £9.99 and there’s lots of fighting in that too as loads of aliens battle against the puny humans. Maybe sleep is your best bet…

(deals found by HotUKDeals members huggychair, thegrouch, goonertillidie and steve81)


  • charlie
    not 'boozy apple juice' but boozy pear juice'...cunt
  • Nobby
    pears are mis-shaped apples.
  • Andy D.
    It's pear cider? Filthy shite.
  • Apples t.
    Let's all just agree that cider is delicious/or shit (up 2 u)

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