HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 6th November

As ever, today’s deals are brought to you by the forum members at HotUKDeals. Our guest columnist is Ray (right), a cheeky 92-year old London-based market trader.

Right then ladies and gents, come and take a goosey gander at what I’ve got here in my suitcase. How many of you have got one of then mp3 players eh? I don’t understand ‘em meself – whenever I want to listen to some music, I just gather me family around the old Joanna and we have a few verses of  “When Father Painted The Parlour.” Laaavely!

Anyway, here’s some terrific headphones for your mp3 player, voted winner of What Hi-Fi's Best IN-EAR Headphones of the YEAR award in 2007. And if that ain’t a recommendation and a half, then I’m a monkey’s butler. I’m not doing them for the seventy quid on the ticket, or for fifty quid, thirty quid or even twenty quid. They’re just £17.99. That’s right – come on then form an orderly queue.

Now, next up, I’ve got a car stereo for a penny less than forty quid. Yes, madam, I know what you’re thinking, it must be dodgier than a Gary Glitter comeback album, but it’s totally legit and on the level.

It’s brand new, never been nicked, although keep it covered up cos it’s a bit of a looker, a bit like yourself there madam. Is that your sister you’re with? What – it’s your mother? You’re having me on. Cor, strike a light, blah blah blah. Anyway, apparently, you can record from the radio straight on to a memory stick. Sounds good, but can it make a cup of tea? No, but what do you expect for forty quid?

Someone’s just tipped me the wink that the dibble’s on their way round the corner so I’ll keep this last one brief. M&S are doing their dinners for a tenner deal again this weekend, starting today.

I’m straight over there now with the money I’ve made from you laaavely people, ‘cos I’ve got me old mum coming round for her tea tonight and you’ve got to treat your mum like she’s the Queen ain’t you? Mind you, when I say ‘coming round for her tea’ I really mean ‘pulling her out of the deep freeze for a couple of hours…’

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