HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 3rd June

hukd_logob1 Welcome to the best bargain round-up anywhere in the world. Oh yes. What have we got today then? A laptop, a fancy garden hose and some DVDs from the past.

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692407Fancy a new laptop? Good – but don’t muck about with a £300 one – spend some proper money and you’ll be duly rewarded. Here’s a Dell with an Intel I7-720QM (QuadCore) processor, 4GB of DDR3 Ram, a 1GB Graphics card, a 500GB Hard drive and running Windows 7.

Over at HUKD, they’re arguing the toss about just how good it really is by quoting letters and numbers and jargon that we’re struggling to get to grips with, but the indisputable truth is that you can get one for only £654.53 and it’s packing some degrees at HotUKDeals.

692399If you do take the plunge and get one, whatever you do, don’t turn our next offer on to it, because, to employ jargon that we all understand, you might bloody well knack it.

It’s a Hozelock two-in-one compact reel with 25 metre hose and connectors, plus a free spray gun. All for £29.99 delivered. That, people, is some pretty special hosing action and if we weren’t working in a hermetically-sealed pod fifty metres below the Earth’s surface, we’d have a garden and we’d use one of these on it.

691678Finally, a DVD treble for those of you who enjoy living in the past. There’s The Complete Sweeney, all four series of the 1970s cop drama for £15.85 (to remind us that Life On Mars was a load of foppy old shite) and the complete Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister for only £14.99 (to remind us that politics and politicians don’t really change).

Oh, and there’s the complete Goodnight Sweetheart – all six series of the Nicholas Lyndhurst time travel rom-com, which exists to remind us that Lyndhurst is pretty much unparalleled when it comes to lanky British actors starring in time travel rom-coms over the last couple of decades. That’s the nicest thing we could think to say about it. Apart from the fact that it's only £14.99 (or £11.99 for first-time customers)

(deals found by HUKD members Forbez, leehustwait, amibees, edi and millarcat)

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