HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 30th September

hukd_logob1 Come one come all and feast upon our mighty works. For we have spent literally hours scouring the HotUKDeals forums for an array of bargains the like of which can only be imagined with the assistance of some fucking massive psychedelic drugs. And if there isn’t something here to interest you, then you’re dead to us. Got that? Yes, you there – we’re looking at you.

767752_1A few days ago we flagged up an offer that would get you the complete Harry Potter movie collection on DVD for just £17.99. What a can of worms that one opened up. Within hours, pro-Blu-ray protestors were circling the entrance of Bitterwallet HQ, protesting in protest.

Dressed as Harry Potter but with their skin painted blue to symbolise their pro-Blu-ray tendencies, they looked like a bunch of swotty Smurfs and stayed for almost 20 minutes before leaving again. But their point was made, and here’s the complete set on Blu-ray for only £24.99. Happy now?

768043_1Next, a bike. But not just any old bike – it’s a Muddyfox bike (flexes comment-deleting finger in preparation). To be more specific, it’s a Muddyfox Veloce road bike with a lightweight alloy frame, drop handlebars and 14 speed Shimano gears. And maybe a bell.

Better still, in order to snap one of these up and embark on a lifestyle of dicing with death on Britain’s roads, you’d normally be looking to pay £350. Not today though friends. Today, for you, it’s only £150. Yes – the amount that you’d usually pay for a considerably shitter bike.

767636_1Finally – grub. Giver of life and the inspiration for over 700 hours of British television every single week. Eat too little of it and you’ll die. Eat too much of it and you’ll die. It’s a complex and bitter, twisted mistress, but we love it. Especially with a bottle of wine thrown in.

Helpfully, for those of you on a budget, the Marks & Spencer ‘2 Dine for £10’ offer is running again this weekend, and if you head on over to HotUKDeals, you can peruse the expansive menu that is on offer. Us, we’re opting for the boiled, glazed swan eyes accompanied by the bark shavings and followed with the absinthe and pomegranate trifle. Yum/yuck (delete as appropriate)

(deals found by HUKD members kindafunnylookin, Fabula and thegroutch)

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