HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 12th August

hukd_logob1 Time again for us to grab you by the scruff of the neck and yell the word ‘IMPROVE!’ in your faces. We’re going to give you three ways that you can make your squalid life infinitely better while saving many, many quids.

As ever, the bargains all hail from HotUKDeals

737188_1Firstly, take a look at yourself. Sitting indoors are you? Got the curtains closed again because the sun is shining in through the window and dazzling you in your  eyes? You lightweight. Time to get outside.

Here’s a cheap garden furniture set that you can lounge about on in that very sunshine before the summer is over for good and the snow comes back (sunshine guarantee may not apply in Scotland or Manchester). It’s the Romsey five-piece dining set and it’s only £23.91 at the moment.

737312_1Now it’s time for you to smarten up your appearance. What the hell is that you’re wearing right now? Are you being serious? You look like a bag of frozen pig tits that have been poured into a giant sock. Sort yourself out!

Get yourself lookin’ good and feelin’ even better with a couple of pairs of cargo shorts for just £13.93 delivered. You’ve got a choice of colours including charcoal and sage or mocha and light stone (no, us neither) although the type of cargo that you carry around in them is entirely up to you.

737363_1Right then, you’ve got your posh garden furniture and you’re sitting around in your uber-fashionable cargo shorts – now it’s time to find something to amuse yourself with while you’re lounging about the place.

Get a refurbished Zoostorm Freedom 10-270 netbook to fiddle about with – it’s packing 250GB in its undercasing and it's only £139.99. Once you’ve got it, use it to leave a thank you comment in the box below thank you very much.

(deals found HUKD members by shivani_2014, millarcat and mikkerr)

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