HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 9th August

hukd_logob1 Are you the kind of cool, happening street cat who gets their jollies from picking up amazing stuff like drinking glasses, DVDs, Blu-rays and digital storage cards at what are almost disgustingly low prices? You are? Great – get yourself all fat and giggly on this stuff then.

As always, it’s among the finest stuff that has appeared on the internationally-praised HotUKDeals internet service. Go there.

734939_1There’s only one monster deal over at HotUKDeals at the moment and if you all act upon it, it’s going to send hordes of you down to one of the nation’s favourite fast food emporiums and emerging triumphant with your prize held high above your fat heads.

It’s the return of the free Coca Cola glass from the McDonalds Corporation. Coming in a variety of different colours, the glass can be bought for the paltry sum of 99p or you’ll get it absolutely free of charge if you buy one of their nutritious, delicious large meals or premium salads.

735320_1Next, we move on to storage, but not old-fashioned storage like sheds, lock ups or holdalls. No, we’re all about the modern digital storage and those tiny memory card things that let you walk around with films, music, photos and other data stored on a piece of plastic small enough to keep inside your ear.

This is a 16GB Micro SDHC card made by the clever old boys and girls at the Sandisk Corporation who specialise in such matters. It’s compatible with more portable electronic devices than we can actually be bothered to list here – the only thing you need to care about is that it’s only £19.99.

735274_1Finally, we turn to audio-visual entertainment as provided by the mediums of DVD and the modern, newfangled Blu-ray. First up, a range of bog-standard films on Blu-ray for the knockdown price of only £5.99.

Then there’s some time-consuming DVD box sets for your eyes and ears to chew furiously on. You could lose yourself in the entire run of ER, 15 series on 45 discs for just £58.97. Or, if it’s just mindless violence you’re after, try a 6-disc compilation of Tom & Jerry classics, yours to be had for just £12.97.

(deals found by HUKD members nono2522, rhinopaul, the gooner and andywedge)

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