HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 8th November

8 November 2010

hukd_logob1 There’s a dazzling display of bargain-gathering here for you today – a massive box of crisps, the must-buy game of the week and a dangerous blade.

All that and more is pumped into your eyeballs thanks to HotUKDeals

793609_1Who’s staying up late tonight to bag themselves a copy of Call Of Duty: Black Ops when it’s released at midnight? Mmm, exciting isn’t it? But what can you do to fill in the time before you get your grubby little mitts on it? Well, you could always get the groceries in.

Pop along to your local Sainsbury’s (as long as it’s one of the larger ones that is taking part in the promotion) and if you spend £30 or more, you’ll get COD:BO for only £27.97. Otherwise it’ll set you back £37.97. It’s like they’re paying you to shop!

795399_1Next comes something else that might be important to you if you’ve got a marathon COD:BO session lined up over the next few days. It’s a massive box filled with bags of scrumptious crisps.

They’re Walkers crisps to be precise, and a box with 36 packets in will cost you only £3.49. That’s less than 10p per packet or something like that, and if they all go, HotUKDeals will tell you about another outlet that sells the same box for only £4.00 – more than 10p per packet or so we believe.

795309_1Finally today, something a little bit out of the ordinary, and the kind of thing we wouldn’t normally promote here at Bitterwallet. It’s a blade – the kind of blade that you can carry around in your sock and do a lot of damage with if you unleash its powers at the right time.

It’s the Sandisk Cruzer Blade USB flash drive and it’s got a whopping 16GB of storage for just £12.99 delivered. As we said, it’s small enough to hide away in your sock and if you store some discreet pictures of your next door neighbour mowing the lawn in the middle of the night while dressed as Marilyn Monroe, you could do a lot of damage indeed with it.

(deals found by HUKD members Sound as a £, nicster08 and Norse)

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