HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 29th March

hukd_logob1 Hello to you and Happy Monday from Deals Of The Day. We’re not going to bother tinkering with a winning formula this early in the week so its booze, games, and computer accessories – all whacked down in price and all voted HOT by the tastemakers at HotUKDeals

644325If you’ve spent the past weekend drowning your work-related sorrows and are sitting there trying to deal with fresh job-type shit while simultaneously fending off a hangover, you might want to skip this booze deal.

Or you might just want to take a few days emergency holiday and succumb to it, whatever’s easier. It’s a  ‘3 For £18’ offer and includes the following brews… Blackthorn cider, Gaymers Pear cider, Guinness, Bodidngtons, Carling, Becks, Miller, Grolsch and Budweiser. Remember, drink responsibly and that.

644649Next comes a huge price cut on a wireless computer keyboard and mouse combo. Made by the good scientists at the Logitech house of international peripherals, it normally retails for a hefty £29.99.

But you can get it right now for only £11.99. By rights, that should only really get you the numbers and function keys and maybe the Tab key. But no, you’ll actually get the whole thing. Don’t know if it comes with an Any key though…

644768Finally, one for those of you who enjoy solving tricky puzzles like those posed in our never-popular True Or False Friday, the closest thing to an internet virus that you can actually touch or punch.

This is Professor Layton And Pandora’s Box for the Nintendo DSi and DS Lite and it’s down from £34.99 to just £12.99, with further Quidco cashback up for grabs. We haven’t played the game but it sounds like a complete rip-off of True Or False Friday and we’ll be instructing our solicitors accordingly.

(deals found by HotUKDeals members ianshona, sharkalos and rentz83)

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    "solving tricky puzzles like those posed in our never-popular True Or False Friday" you're right there

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