HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 10th November

Time to instantly enhance another miserable Monday with three of the most startling bargains that have been flagged up over at our favourite site, HotUKDeals. Strap yourselves in motherfreakers and feel the G’s!

Right then, Britain’s in the grip of a coke addiction! Possibly the weirdest deal ever in the history of HUKD cropped up at the weekend. In fact it’s not so much a deal as more of a quest, with the pot of gold at the end being an iPod Touch and in excess of 700 cans of pop. All for about £150.

We weren’t into Dungeons & Dragons as kids so we’re not even going to pretend to understand how this one works – but there might be some magic spells involved. Your best bet is to mosey over to HUKD and try and make sense of the whole crazy thing.
(Deal found by we8vale – some kind of frickin’ genius or lunatic)

Next up, following on from Friday’s horrifying DOTD choc-fest, if your sweet tooth is STILL itching and squeaking, you can find out how to get two large tins of sweets for just £7. Should be enough to keep you going until the next big choccy deal rolls around.

Mad-priced confectionary – before long the big supermarkets will be knocking on your door and force-feeding you toffee fingers. And if you’re not in, they’ll just pump molten chocolate in through your letterbox instead.
(Deal found by alex1966)

Finally, who out there among us doesn’t dream of having a big set of fat balls? Exactly, no one. You can now grab 100 for just £7.98, or just 50 for only £3.99, if you’re a bit weird. Hmm… we may have possibly misunderstood the nature of the product that we’re plugging. Like, completely.
(Deal found by AhhACake!)


  • Sean
    Just a quick note for those about to go buying 746 cans of coke - you will have absolutely no statutory warranty as for the purposes of the SGA 79 as am you have not paid for the ipod touch - it is a free gift, so if it goes wrong your out of luck.
  • Andy D.
    I also forgot to mention you'll probably need a van.

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