HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 11th June

hukd_logob1 And now, we bring you True Or False Friday – the sensational combination of bargain-reportage and cunning brain-teasing that is rocking the nation.

The bargains, of course, come from HotUKDeals. The accompanying statements come from encyclopaedias and other books of learning… or do they? Last week’s didn’t – they were all FALSE.

d603ac4f5a2e1d177a3f3d225a5ef649THE DEAL: The Simplicity Sim for BlackBerry : A 12 month contract (300+ minute BlackBerry tariff, free email, internet & Wi-Fi) Now £10 per month (was £17.50)

TRUE OR FALSE? For an extra £1.00 per week, you can get an upgrade that will send a downloadable cup of tea to your Blackberry at 5.30pm every Friday.

697655THE DEAL:  An 8GB mp3 player – for only £14.99

TRUE OR FALSE? You can fit as many as 4,000 songs on here – or, if you use the right software, every single episode of Emmerdale Farm (audio only)

697677THE DEAL:  A big bunch of Xbox Live Arcade deals that kick off on Monday. Includes Shadow Complex, Trials HD and Splosion Man.

TRUE OR FALSE? The offer also includes Run Pap-Face Run, The Smoogles, Get It In The Bin, Bile IV and The Further Adventures Of Fucko The Clown.

(deals found by HUKD members millarcat, spot_a_deal and Sigmatic)


  • Grammar N.
    Let's all celebrate the new day that's been introduced. Go Fridday!
  • Tom P.
    Fucko The Clown is spooky
  • Nobby
    Emmerdale Farm is not called Emmerdale Farm any more, it is just Emmerdale. I learnt that from Spudgun, off Bottom.
  • wanking h.
    Hope your chickens are alright on that farm.

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